Month: August 2019

Long Eaton Guild Donate to Hospice in Memory of Matt O'Flynn

Long Eaton Guild Donate to Hospice in Memory of Matt O'Flynn

August 20, 20194 Minutes

At Orbital, we have had a close relationship with the Long Eaton Guild since the beginning. Not only being based in the heart of the UK Centre of Upholstery, and recently redesigning Iain James’ website (who is a core member of the Guild), but we have a little more history than that.


Our agency used to be a widely varied digital design agency, and it was in summer 2017 that we realigned our business to focus on the interiors industry. This was in no small part, down to a strong friendship turned business venture when Matt joined Rob Walker at Orbital. After many years of close friendship and business partnerships, decided to team up to create the vision that we have in the Studio today. From launching a new hub of the industry, to being at the forefront of the field after developing brand new technology to digitally recreate fabric. They built a studio, and a team from the ground up, and a bloody good one at that.


Matt sat as the chairman of the Long Eaton Guild from 2007 to 2018, being completely immersed in the furniture industry from a young age. A pioneer in the industry, there aren’t many people in the industry that haven’t heard of Matt O’Flynn. He was the man of many hats (both figuratively and literally) Sadly, Matt was diagnosed with Cancer just as Orbital moved into the new studio.
Earlier this year, Matt lost his battle with cancer after a stay in St Michael’s Hospice in East Sussex. The Hospice gave incredible care, and always made sure there was an atmosphere of laughter and warmth, making not only Matt’s time more comfortable, but that of his family too.
When the Guild approached Orbital in order to create a new website to house both details of the Guild, and the famed bi-annual Longpoint, there was only one condition. We would happily create a new, user-friendly website, as long as it was created in dedication to Matt, and that the price of the project was waived, and donated to St Michael’s Hospice instead. Andrew Mitchell and Iain James of the Guild couldn’t think of anything better, and so the project began.The Long Eaton Guild now have a new site to encourage visitors to Long Point, and in turn have generously donated a sum of £500 to a hospice that is doing so much for so many.


The hospice has responded to the donation with huge amounts of gratitude to both the Guild and Orbital, highlighting how many more people they can now help with these funds.


“Thank you so much for your overwhelmingly generous donation given in memory of Mr Matt O’Flynn. What an incredible gift which will enable the hospice to continue to support many more people. As you know, our services are provided free, and we are reliant on the kindness of people like you who give so generously in order for others to benefit from the support we offer. On behalf of the team at St Michael’s Hospice, thank you. Your generosity is heart-warming.”



See the brand new Long Eaton Guild Website here:


Donate to St Michael’s Hospice here:

Orbital Awarded Best New Supplier 2019

Orbital Awarded Best New Supplier 2019

August 11, 20193 Minutes

Award-Winning Agency, Orbital… it has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?


At Orbital, we have been honing our craft for three years, but it was 18 months ago when we streamlined our business to focus on the furniture industry. We turned our attention to perfecting the art of recreating interiors, furniture and fabrics in 3D. The work we have developed over that time has not come easily!


We have been lucky enough to have a team that works and thinks hard and has carved a place for our agency in the industry. We have grown quickly, which just goes to show us that our hard work really is paying off. This year we have had huge names in the industry join our books, including Sofa Workshop, Duresta, Warwick Fabrics, Linwood, Style/Library and on…


We have not only honed a craft but are developing new technologies that are going to transform the face of furniture online sales. Especially when it comes to our magic fabric solution which can have a physical fabric sample, flawlessly tiled on screen in a matter of minutes. Anyone who has ever tried to tile a fabric before will know that this is a major breakthrough (or if you hire full time employees solely for this job).


We would like to say a huge thank you to the readers of Interiors Monthly for voting for us. Don’t mind us, we are just off to pop open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate and are looking forward to the next steps that this win may bring for us.


Make sure to keep an eye out for more Orbital appearances. Most recently on the websites of John Lewis and Sofa Workshop, where our CGI images are in action. Make sure you also follow our social media pages to keep an eye on sneak peeks of new collection launches from the likes of Linwood, Warwick Fabrics, Duresta and Sofa Workshop.


If you are planning to head down to Long Point this year, make sure you pop into our studio and say hello. We are smack bang opposite the infamous Harrington Mills, and we will be housing exhibitors Staud and Hugo Park. We also just love showing off some technical wizardry to anyone who is interested in seeing it.


Or you can pick up the latest copy of Furniture news, where we were honoured to grace the front page. Yes, we did fake the moon landing, with a bit of an Orbital twist...


See more about the awards, and the full list of winners here: