CGI Fabrics - Our Secret Weapon

We are known for our incredibly realistic CGI materials and 3D fabric builds. You won’t believe they’re not real. We have perfected even the most challenging of fabrics, from beautiful wood finishes to luxurious crushed velvets, our materials enhance and elevate the look of your products in 3D form. Our skilled fabric team worked hard to perfect our fabric builds to make sure they reflect the plushness and softness of the physical samples, giving online customers a true reflection of the real thing.

Photorealistic 3D Fabrics

3D fabrics are the secret to creating photorealistic imagery. Our team have spent years perfecting their skills in the field. From rendering tiny fibres to large scale printed velvets, our team can create any and all fabric designs, textures and patterns.


When looking into CGI, many other agencies focus on exterior architecture, meaning they lack finesse when it comes to softer textures and soft furnishings. Our team here have spent the past few years specialising in, and perfecting, fabric, model and roomset builds, which is why we purely focus on the furniture and interiors industry.

Imagery So Good You Can Touch It - Almost

Along the way, we noticed that most retailers and manufacturers rely on a simple flat shot to sell their fabrics. In a time where samples and in-person sales meetings are limited, flat shots don’t have the capability to convey the true texture of a sample, or how the fabric will react to light. Our signature trademark, The Wave, shows the true details of your fabrics.

Upgrade Your Imagery

With texture that follows fabrics end to end, creating photorealistic fabric renders has seemed like an impossible task for many 3D agencies, however, we’ve spent years perfecting the craft. Our team is trusted by top fabric manufacturers and suppliers to bring their fabulous creations to life. We can have your fabric sample scanned and rendered onto a product in a matter of minutes.

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