Visit Our Studio During Long Point 2021

Long Point 2021 is taking place from 24th to the 27th May in Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire. Specialising in CGI fabrics, photorealistic imagery, branding and design, there is a lot to see and take in here at the Orbital studio! We are opening our doors and inviting all visitors to learn more about the world of CGI.

We have recently featured in the latest Furniture News magazine! Want to learn more about CGI and how it can benefit your sales? Carry on reading!

Computer Generated Imagery as a replacement for traditional photography methods have been heavily featured in the last few issues of Furniture News. With Technology and skills evolving to a point where a consumer would find it impossible to see the difference between CGI and photography, it’s a conversation being had by most retail services in a time where not only shops, but factories too, have suffered heavy closures.

Your products are only as good as your photography, especially in the online shopping evolution. Orbital Vision are the CGI furniture and fabric specialists. With over a decade of experience in the industry, and a team with backgrounds in photography, design and interiors, they have been spearheading the CGI industry for the last three years. Based opposite the famous Harrington Mills, it’s no wonder that the agency has streamlined their focus on furniture and are in a perfect position for the infamous Long Point exhibition.

With the disruption to the industry over the last year, it has become clear that more and more businesses are looking for a new way to present their products to customers. We are being approached daily by new businesses who have seen the imagery on our website. But it seems that there are still many misconceptions about using CGI to sell products online.

“We are finding that lots of businesses may have approached CGI either recently or a few years ago, with another agency, and were disappointed with the results; giving up on the concept altogether. The other side we are hearing of is businesses who have never considered this way of selling, and have no idea how to get started. But Computer Generated Imagery to replace traditional photography is a no-brainer! Cost and time-effective marketing visuals to boost online sales, without leaving your office. Not to mention that you can have more imagery than possible with photography.”

Orbital are opening their doors during Long Point to invite all visitors to learn more about the world of CGI and how it can transform sales. From suppliers to manufacturers to retailers, CGI will soon be a necessity to sell a product, and the more you know, the more powerful your next steps. Book a one-hour slot by email or phone to have all your queries answered. Having one-to-one slots mean that Orbital can advise on your specific strategy, and on a cost-effective approach bespoke to your journey along with live demostrations.

The brand-new café-style kitchen will also be open at their studio providing hot and cold food and drinks at any point during the show. There is a pool table and private, comfortable seating to take advantage of.

We can’t wait to see you all during Long Point 2021!

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Opening the Studio for Long Point 2020

“The Long Eaton Guild of Furniture Manufacturers hold a bi-annual trade show which sees the opening of a number of showrooms around the town of Long Eaton. The show is open to all and is known to host over 25 exhibitors showing fine high-end upholstery and manufacturers across the historic town.”

Autumn Long Point 2020, has returned for another fantastic showcase of exhibitors in and around the Long Eaton area. Taking place between the 21st and 23rd September 2020, Long Point encourages the many upholstery manufacturers in the area to come together to enable buyers to visit them in their own spaces to offer inspiration and insight into the furniture capital of the UK.

In an intimate and relaxed setting, we will see manufacturers open their doors once again for this fantastic trade show. The team here at Orbital is no different! We will be opening our studio doors and encourage many of you to come and see what we’re getting up to! 

We have our own exhibition space that is available for all to rent out and use for their own product exhibitions and showcases. We welcome all visitors to The Exchange, it’s in a great location for one, so you are able to check out all of the surrounding exhibitors. Not only that, you can come and have a sneak peak and a nose around our fantastic CGI and design studio to see the magic take place before your very eyes!

The Exchange is a hub for the furniture industry, based in the heart of Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire. Long Eaton itself is the UK’s centre of upholstery and is the home to many long standing and successful furniture manufacturers such as Harrington Mills. Within our own space at Orbital, we have a meeting room available to hire, which has hosted many meetings for Long Eaton Guild and other professionals such as Sofa Workshop. We also have a showroom which is available to all for showcasing new products, holding launches and hosting presentations. Our spaces are incredibly light and welcoming due to The Exchange being a converted mill. 

Our studio is an incredible space and we welcome all who we know and are yet to meet. We invite you all to come and see what incredible work we are currently doing, meet our creative and experienced team and come and have a natter over a coffee. We regularly encourage clients to come to the studio to learn our processes and, when desired, have a first hand say on their future imagery. We hope to see some of your lovely faces soon!


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Thank you for a great year from the Orbital Team!

On the last working day of the year, we would like to take the time to say a big thank you.

To everyone who has supported us and worked with us throughout 2019. We have seen incredible growth this year which we could have never predicted. Working with some of the biggest names in the industry has been an honour, but also for the more independent companies who keep coming back to us for our services.

But now, we are ready for a very merry Christmas break and are excited for January, and seeing where 2020 takes us.

Thank you for a great year, Merry Christmas, we’re outta here!

But, just before we go, we thought we’d introduce the team, and show you how excited we are about what’s to come in 2020.

We just couldn’t help ourelves.

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Win £2k of CGI at January furniture Show 2020

The Furniture Awards is an annual celebration of the best suppliers in the industry exhibiting at The January Furniture Show. Organised by Furniture News, the awards aim to recognise the businesses leading the way in their own product categories.


Being immersed in the furniture industry, we sponsor the awards by offering the prizes for each winner. And this is one award that you really want to win. it is especially great for companies that have never set foot into the world of CGI. Offering our expertise to bring your chosen product to life, in a photorealistic room set of your styling. Choose your theme, submit some inspiration images and any materials that may need to be used. Next thing you know, you’ll have a set of photography images for your newly launched product free of charge.


If you haven’t yet registered for the awards, what are you waiting for?


There are five winners of the Furniture Awards. Each a supplier to the industry outstanding in their field. On the first day of the show, our Director, Rob Walker, will be accompanying Furniture News when informing the winners of their prize. We will also be offering plaques to each winner, along with a giant cheque for £2000. Because why not? It’s a good photo opportunity, and who hasn’t wanted to receive one of those lottery-esque giant cheques?

Now, let's play a little game of spot the CGI.

One of the much deserved winners at last year's show was renowned Parker Knoll.

their prize was spent on recreating a legacy photoshoot. If you haven't yet ventured into the realm of CGI, you might not see the benefits of this straight away. Having a past photoshoot recreated in CGI, means that and products that are added to the range, from armchair to footstool, or any new fabrics, from embroidery to velvet, can be placed in the same room set retroactively. Keeping the range on brand and consistent.


Have a look at the two images below and see if you can spot which is the original photoshoot, and which is our CGI recreation. (Without looking at the bottom right hand corner of the images!)

Make sure to come and visit Orbital in Hall 1 on stand G80. You might even catch one of our pretty cool demonstrations. Yes, we will be demonstrating our speed and finesse when it comes to CGI live at the show. If you bring a plain fabric along, we may even be able to render it on a product before your eyes. It’s not something you want to miss out on!


Talking of fabrics, while you’re here. Why not heck out our brand-new CGI Fabrics page. We have been adapting and developing specific softwares over the last two years to perfect the art of creating realistic fabric textures like no one else. See the results for yourself!

Have a look at the two images below and see if you can spot which is the original photoshoot, and which is our CGI recreation.

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January Furniture Show: Get All Your Assets in Line

The January Furniture show is one of the UK’s biggest and most well known furniture trade show in the calendar. It boasts five halls from homewares to lighting, and everything in between. The 2020 show will run from Sunday 19th to Wednesday 22nd January.


Getting ready for JFS can take a lot of time, thought and preparation. Trust us, we know! But not only do we creaate photorealistic CGI images of furniture products and room sets We also specialise in design.


Our team come from a variety of backgrounds, and we have a handful of talented designers who love nothing better than to dissect the success of a brochure design. We are becoming something of a one-stop shop at Orbital. Initially, clienst come to us when they realise they can’t spot the difference betwen our imagery, and their long -winded photoshoots. But, when they realise we offer websites and print design too, it is hard not to resist hvaing your images framed into marketing assets by the same agency. You’d be amazed by the efficiency.


The January Furniture Show is the place to launch. New ranges, new brands or new looks. Making sure your marketing assets are updated is crucial. With buyers wandering past hundreds of stands, you want to make sure that yours is what they remember when they go to make orders, and keep on ordering from.


If you are wondering how to show off a large number of products in an eye-catching, on brand  and sales inducing hand out. Call on Orbital’s Unreal Creatives. We would love to create a mock-up for your brand, so you can see the results for yourself.

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Opening Our Doors for Long Point 2019

“Long Point returns for its autumn outing from 23rd-25th September. The biannual show, which takes advantage of the historic UK Centre of Quality Upholstery Manufacture, Long Eaton, is a valuable opportunity for buyers looking to catch up with some of the biggest brands in UK furniture.

Due to the large number of upholstery manufacturers with permanent showrooms in the area, Long Point enables buyers to visit over 25 exhibitors in their own spaces, offering both inspiration and intimacy.”

And Orbital are no different! We house some great exhibitors including Staud, Hugo Park and a couple of little extra exciting pieces that we currently have on show in the studio.

We like to welcome all visitors to The Exchange. Not only is it perfect to scope out exhibitors, but you can also have a sneak peek at our design and CGI wizardry in full force. Pop in for a coffee, some biscuits, a chat and a nose around.

Most visitors will have already spotted our handiwork in the form of The Long Eaton Guild’s brand new website, courtesy of yours truly. And there is a great little story behind it, make sure to read the full story of The Long Eaton Guild Donating to St Michael’s Hospice in memory of Matt O’Flynn.

At The Exchange, we will also be hosting the announcement of the winners of this year’s prize. So make sure you enter to win an overnight stay for two at Raymond Blanc’s Belmond le Manoir aux Quat’saisons Michelin starred hotel and restaurant in Oxfordshire. Here’s the Trade Secret: you can enter as many times as you like, just pop your business card in the entry box at every stand you visit! We won’t tell anyone if you don’t…

We love being immersed in the UK furniture manufacturing industry. With over 50 furniture manufacturers in this small town of Long Eaton, the historic Long Point show is an honour to be a part of. We hope to se a few of your faces at The Exchange next week!

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Thank You from Orbital

After an incredible year of growth for Orbital in 2018, we kicked off 2019 in style with an incredibly successful January Furniture Show.

On 20thJanuary this year, we were all set up to see how a creative agency would fare in the UK’s biggest furniture show. With over 500 exhibitors and a record number of attendees, there was a real sense of optimism in the air. In a climate where there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding business decisions, the success of the January Furniture Show was a welcome triumph. And we at Orbital were no different.


With our whole team upheaved to Birmingham, it was business as usual. What better way to show you what we do, than show you what we do! Our team was busy building furniture in 3d and wrapping them in various fabrics whilst simultaneously creating room-sets to showcase the furniture. They were also demonstrating our product builder which allows users to select a piece of furniture and custom wrap the product, cushions, piping and more, in any number of fabrics and textures.


Amongst the thousands of attendees over the four days that followed, we had a huge number of visitors to our stand. Whether we can blame that on the fun we were having with our virtual reality headset, the constant supply of Haribo and coffee, or our designs, we will never know. Either way, we do know it was watching the team at work that secured an impressive number of new and potential clients and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to say hello. We are lucky enough to now be working on projects for the likes of Graham and Green, Sofa Sofa, Warwick Fabrics and so many more.


As well as those of you that we got to meet, and the interest you took in what we can do to grow businesses in the furniture industry, we also got to hear who the long-awaited winners of the Furniture News awards. The lucky five that were awarded for stand out products are in for a free room set build from us. As promised, after the winners were announced on the first day of the show, we started capturing images of the winners’ products before starting the 3D build on our enVision platform to create an invaluable marketing tool for the winning companies.


Make sure you keep an eye out for our progress updates and the finished products for the winners Parker Knoll, Sealy UK, Wiemann, Hartman UK and ALF. Maybe we’ll even have a game of spot the difference between the photographs and our renders, just to show what we really mean when we say you can’t tell the difference.


Have a sneaky peak at what we could do to grow your business here


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