The Unofficial IKEA Campaign: The Fight Against Single Use Plastics

A group of five students from MADS school of advertising in Moscow have created a campaign containing fake IKEA toys to tackle the ever growing issue of single use plastic. The students created the campaign for furniture giant IKEA, in the hopes to encourage larger companies and brands to step up and be vocal within the fight against single use plastics. The toys, including a sea turtle trapped in the plastic that surrounds a six pack of canned drinks, have been designed by the MADS students to bring attention to the increasing issue surrounding the use and disposal of plastics.

The toys within the campaign resemble several stuffed animals that IKEA already stocks and sells within their ranges. The potential campaign therefore aims to bring awareness, especially to younger generations, to how our use of plastic is affecting the ocean environment. 

Plastics amount to 80% of the dumped rubbish in the ocean, its impact on the ocean, it’s environment and its inhabitants is horrific. In 2016, the global population produced over 320 million tons of plastic – this is imagined to double by 2034 (SAS). 

IKEA already focuses much of their branding and ethics towards sustainability, from the food they serve, the lightbulbs they sell and the materials they use for their products. IKEA even states that as a brand they aim to “contribute to a world without waste and enable people to make more sustainable choices”. It is no surprise the Moscow students felt the furniture icon should encourage more campaigns like this as the brand have already started phasing out single use plastics from their home furnishing range (and within their in house restaurants and cafes). By 2030 IKEA hopes to have all plastic used within the IKEA home furnishing range based on renewable or recycled materials. 

This campaign has taught us no matter who you are, even if you are a student, smart branding and smart marketing can be your big break and attract a lot of attention! These five students were able to take a concept and a brand name and now they have hundreds, if not thousands, of articles written about their campaign, supporting them and encouraging IKEA to go ahead and turn it from an unofficial campaign to an official one! Branding is key! Their idea was simple and informative, making it effective. Due to the huge focus on the environment in recent years it is no surprise that this campaign was a huge hit, even if IKEA didn’t come up with it themselves.

We are loving this creative and informative unofficial campaign. The campaign itself seems to have the right balance between subtle hints and tackling the raging issue surrounding plastic. As well as this, it is such a great way to educate the younger generations on the importance of sustainability, in ways that are easy to understand and not too overwhelming. 



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An Honest Consumer: Why Good CGI Will Make Me Buy Your Product

Taking my Orbital hat off just for a moment, I would like to tell you the story of a consumer (spoiler: it’s me). It is easy to forget our own consumer story when we are emerged in our own company strategy, but isn’t that who all manufacturers and retailers are targeting? So, let’s take a look at why CGI on an e-commerce website is so important in my consumer driven situation in 2019.


I have just bought my first property (somehow, I managed to get on that ladder). And while it took me eight long months to finally get the keys, and a month’s worth of living in said property, it is still standing empty of furniture. As you can probably tell by these stats, I am a very fussy (indecisive) buyer when it comes to commitment heavy purchases. However, I finally have a bed frame and two gorgeous dark green velvet sofas arriving in a week’s time, and I want to take you through my buying process and why, unknowingly, CGI is so incredibly important for taking out hesitation time and allowing me, like many others, to commit to a big purchase.


As a 2019 shopper the first place I went, along with the majority, is online. I was convinced that I would not be buying a large piece of furniture without seeing it in a showroom, sitting on it, feeling the fabric, seeing the true colour, all these things that play on a seller’s mind when targeting their consumers. But that all changed quite quickly when I saw a small number of well-made websites with great 3D renders. You see, it’s not all about replacing photoshoots, but making a consumer’s online experience bespoke. Alas, I ended up buying two large sofas online without seeing them in person, and 4 weeks on, I have no regrets.


I found myself clicking away from any website that either didn’t allow me to wrap my chosen product in the fabric I wanted, or if it did, and the render wasn’t convincing, I left said sites immediately, not being able to visualise true colour or texture that I may be blindly ordering. I would find a sofa online, travel to a showroom, and either find that the sofa wasn’t available to view in the fabric I wanted, or wasn’t available to view at all. Getting exhausted with this process that always ended up in failure, I solely used websites that let me see a virtual but realistic render of the product that would end up on my doorstep, and crucially, allowing me to wrap my chosen product in a realistic render of my fabric, which is difficult to find, when you’re looking at velvet!


What really amazed and surprised me is how quickly I exited the sites of, even well-trusted retailers and manufacturers, those which didn’t have this service. Even if it looked like my sofa of dreams, there was no way I could commit. It made me realise the importance of what we do at Orbital. I am usually amazed by the magic of the graphics team, how they can create something digital which is indistinguishable from photoshoots, but as a consumer was where I truly realised the change in sales that we are creating for companies who work with us. It is revolutionising, and a much-needed solution to a great risk-immersed industry in a world of online sales.


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