The Scion Esala Collection

Scion came to us wanting to showcase their best selling products, along with their new collection ‘Esala’ in CGI form. The Scandi-inspired brand wanted us to bring their contemporary, characterful and creative designs to life which we set out to successfully produce 315 stunning lifestyle shots.

Originally Scion’s website within Style Library had missing images where clients would typically want to view each product in its designated environment. They saw how they could stand out from competitors and provide lifestyle shots of every colourway in-situ rather than just flatshots. With a beautiful and vibrant selection of fabrics and wallpapers it would cost an arm and a leg to physically shoot and set up a room set for each design, let’s not forget about the time it would take to do so.

Orbital came to the rescue, creating CGI images for 115 fabrics and 44 wallpapers, including flat, wave and detail shots, as well as stand out room sets. We were able to produce shots showing how each fabric and wallpaper reacted in different light environments and on different products.  

We’ve passed on editorial freedom to Scion and Style Library by providing them with all of their image files separately so they are able to create their own combinations with their fresh CGI products and renders. These separate files will allow Scion and Style Library to choose which furnishings they want in certain rooms. With the help of Photoshop they will be able to remove, swap out and change their room set designs. This is a great way to keep social content fresh by creating endless colour and fabric combinations as well as the ability to keep up to date with seasonal trends and marketing. Thanks to the team at Orbital, Scion’s products can now be switched out and customised within room sets to keep this collection seemingly timeless and effortlessly customizable. 

Within the fabulous room sets we have created, we rendered each fabric and wallpaper onto various different objects. Therefore, making it easier for customers to get a real glimpse into what their orders will look like and making Scion’s site within Style Library more accessible. Displaying only flatshots on a website means that customers may not be able to picture what their chosen product will look like in their desired fabrics. 3D rendered products result in the ability to view the scale of the pattern on a product, how the fabrics behave in different lighting, how it looks on different products and how a repeat pattern looks in-situ.

However, it is still uncommon for companies to use a room set for each colourway, this sets Scion and Style Library ahead of their competitors and makes it much easier for customers to envision their chosen product in their home. Each fabric and wallpaper has been carefully matched with complimentary colours and patterns to highlight the quality and creativity behind Scion’s collections. 

As a consumer and potential client, it is crucial to be able to view your desired product in-situ to grasp how it will sit and behave in different lighting and on different products. You may love a fabric on a cushion but find it too busy on a sofa. With Orbital’s CGI services we can make this a reality, taking away the daunting price tag if you were to do this in a studio. The ability to do this means that, as a business, you are able to appeal to a mass market by offering lifestyle imagery. This is why our services are impeccable when it comes to improving third party sales and marketing. 

Now that we have created these images, Scion and Style Library are able to use them across all of their marketing channels, including online, in catalogues, advertising and swatch books. 

Check out our socials and website CGI gallery to view more of our excellent CGI imagery. We are particularly active on Instagram, where we regularly share snippets of what we’ve created!


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The Dream Team - Linwood Fabric & The Headboard Workshop's Collaboration

Two of our most loved, long standing clients have collaborated on a stunning collection! This collaboration project is something of a dream team, Linwood supplying beautiful fabrics, The Headboard Workshop providing incredible furniture and let’s not forget the cracking team here at Orbital providing the spectacular imagery we see throughout both teams marketing posts and across The Headboard Workshop’s website. 


The pair have collaborated to bring to you Linwood’s new Kami printed velvet range on one of The Headboard Workshop’s most popular headboards, the Samson. We are loving how this collaboration turned out, the fabulous printed velvet fabric compliments the immaculate design of the Samson headboard. It is a match made in heaven and it seems like the two were made to be shown off together!


As The Headboard Workshop and Linwood Fabric are both beloved clients of ours, creating imagery for this project was an amazing opportunity to showcase what we can do here at Orbital! The beginning stages of a project can be quite a process initially, checking fabric colours and textures can be a bit time consuming for some clients. However, once your assets are built you are able to use them over and over again, also having the option to revisit and change room-sets depending on the season or current trends – meaning your collections can be timeless and enjoyed all year round, for many years. 

However long this process is, here at Orbital we focus solely on the furniture and fabric industries, meaning that there is the possibility to share digital assets – making collaboration launches quick and efficient. Once a fabric has been built in 3D, it is like having a huge roll of unlimited fabric – just in the virtual world. We can literally upholster any product with this ‘virtual fabric’ in seconds. So agreeing to share these assets means that you can have ready-made marketing imagery with bespoke branding in days. There’s not a prototype or photoshoot in sight! It can be as simple as sending us a drawing of your new product and the name of a fabric, and receiving branded lifestyle imagery for your new launch in a matter of days.


It is becoming increasingly important for a company to have ready made assets in this day and age, especially with the huge focus on internet marketing in the past few months. Most fabric companies only provide a flatshot of their fabrics, this means that you can’t see the texture, reflection, transparency or scale of the fabric. With so many fabric houses around the world, it is impossible for two suppliers not to stock similar ranges. With competition rife, many companies assume that to beat competition, price is the only bargaining chip. With CGI assets available, instead of driving prices down there is an opportunity to increase the value in your product without compromising on price. Being able to offer ready made CGI fabrics for use in marketing imagery as a standard with any fabric purchase is invaluable. This deal is not only restricted to fabric suppliers, being able to offer CGI furniture assets to retailers is undoubtedly a great way to rise above your competitors and close some great sales! 


In 2020, most large retailers will only stock products that have been built in 3D to fit with the custom builders and functionality of their websites. If you want to have your products featured on these big retailer sites they will ask you to either provide your products in CGI or they will use their own team to build it for you, racking up a major bill at the end of the project. Therefore, most manufacturers are starting to turn to CGI too. It is definitely the way forward for the interiors, fabric and furniture realm. 


If a fabric company already has their fabric ranges built in CGI, ready for a manufacturer to use in their lifestyle imagery, it makes them an undeniable choice of supplier. It puts them ahead of their competitors, making it more cost effective and efficient for all parties involved. 


Here at Orbital, we are here to do exactly this, make projects and collaborations feel real with our lifestyle imagery and our abilities to bring ideas and inspirations to life! We were able to produce the incredible imagery you see before you as we are already familiar with both Linwood Fabric and The Headboard Workshop. We are loving the results of this collaboration project and we cannot wait to host another collaborative launch with future clients!

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The Headboard Workshop: The Spare Room Collection

A Close-knit, family-run Business

The Headboard workshop made their first headboard in a London garage, all the way back in 1982. The core principles from that first headboard still stand today – exceptional craftsmanship, beautifully created, made to order and delivered on time. Word spread fast from that first order and they are still creating stylish headboards, beds and more over 30 years later.

Soon outgrowing their London garage, and moving into their own factory in Wales, the quick growth meant that more and more sales were being requested online.

Location, Location, Location…

One problem many manufacturers face, is having beautiful lifestyle imagery, but only being able to show off one or two chosen fabrics on a photoshoot. After finding the perfect shoot location, each headboard would have to be built, upholstered and delivered to the photoshoot. Costing a huge amount not only in cost, but in hours and labour.

Realising that they needed to remove the imagination portion of the sales process, The Headboard workshop approached us. We assured the family-run business that we could show off their product in every fabric available in photorealistic detail.

Introducing the Spare Room Collection

When dreaming of the ideal imagery for their newest launch, The Headboard workshop imagined a classic room, in a townhouse, with leaves blowing in the wind outside the winder. Somewhere attainable yet luxurious, with a calm feel, and dusk streaming through the window. So, Orbital’s Unreal Creatives got to work.

“We are DELIGHTED with the results. Thank you again for your trustworthy hand holding in this, my first attempt at an exciting new world!”

– Laura, The Headboard Workshop

The Result

The Headboard Workshop now have a portfolio of assets to launch The Spare Room collection, for both online and POS materials.

With three bed bases, photographed in four angles each, and with every piece wrapped in six fabrics, it just would not have been possible with traditional photography.

These assets now serve as a basis for a world of opportunity. With the beds, fabrics and roomsets built, who knows what they will be showcasing next. An online customiser? Video animation of the roomset? How about some augmented reality, allowing a customer to place their bed in their bedroom, digitally, before buying. Virtually, anything is possible!

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CGI Shocks Visitors at JFS

When we think of CGI Imagery, most people imagine unrealistic imagery from video games, or the creation of fantasy lands in multimillion pound blockbuster films. When it comes to CGI for the furniture industry, most businesses have given it a go, two or three years ago, and been disappointed with the results. Materials with no texture, unimaginative lighting, and results that look fake. But one agency was challenging these beliefs at JFS 2020.


At this year’s January Furniture Show, Orbital’s stand was showcasing CGI that didn’t cease to amaze, when visitors were assured that none of the imagery on display was photography. Orbital is a digital creative agency specialising solely on the furniture and interiors industry. With CGI imagery their main focus, alongside branding, design and websites, they have spent the last three years honing their virtual 3D skills. Upon surveying the CGI being offered to the furniture industry, they noticed that the real failing in making these images look realistic was textures and fabrics. Orbital made it their mission to create photorealistic fabrics, that are indistinguishable from the real thing, and from the imagery they were presenting at the show, it looks like they have achieved their aim.

The stand in Hall 1 had a constant buzz. The agency stated that most visitors were telling stories of CGI attempts from the past, and were amazed at how far the technology and skills have advanced.


Orbital’s md, Rob Walker, stated

“CGI is soon going to be the only way for manufacturers and suppliers to go. Consumers and buyers are becoming more unwilling to use their imaginations. Visualising a furniture piece next to a fabric swatch, without imagery to support, in every available colour, is just not enough anymore to finalise sales. Not only this, but we are seeing that more and more retailers will now only stock products that come with 3D asset files and in order to sit perfectly within their ecommerce sites. It’s only a matter of time before all companies will need CGI, and we like to think we are offering imagery that can’t be spotted as fake next to traditional photography.”

Get in touch today to see how we can revolutionise your imagery.

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Live CGI Demonstrations at BFM Fabric Show London

At orbital, Fabrics are our secret weapon. There may be a large number of CGI agencies now popping up in and around the industry, but the one thing that sets Orbital apart is our photorealistic fabrics.


So, what better event for us to sponsor than the BFM Fabric Show London 2020. The BFM Fabric Show (Formerly known as London Fabric Show) the show is in its 7th year and has been growing steadily with the biggest names in British furniture manufacture and retail.

“Organised and hosted by the BFM (British Furniture Manufacturers Association), the two-day event takes place on Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th February 2020 at Chelsea FC, Stamford Bridge, London.

Over 35 UK and international fabric producers and suppliers will introduce their latest plains, patterns and colourways. On show will be woven and speciality fabrics for upholstery, beds and soft furnishings. Along with exhibitors from the UK will be fabric producers from Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain and Turkey.”

We are proud sponsors of the show for the third year in a row and are excited to see so many familiar faces in the industry and introduce ourselves to those who may not be aware of our work. But we also have something pretty exciting up our sleeve for the BFM Fabric show. Live demonstrations. We will be making 3D fabrics live on our stand, and live rendering these fabrics onto a 3D model before your eyes.


Not only will we be exercising our speed, but the realism of what we create. Look closely and you will see the weaving threads in the fabrics. We know we have been telling you about the benefits of CGI vs traditional photography for a year now. But most people are dubious about CGI because they don’t believe that their products will really look the same in a virtual world. We are here to prove that theory wrong.


Make sure you sign up for free registration to attend the 2020 show to see the demonstrations for yourself. And if you can’t make it, or you just can’t wait that long (we know, it is exciting), have a look at our CGI Fabrics page to see how we can bring your fabrics to life.

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Why Virtual Reality Will Soon Be the Only Way to Buy Furniture

Thanks to new technologies like augmented reality, 3D rendering and virtual reality, the furniture industry is finally ready to have its online moment. These are the latest tools designers and retailers are using to give clients a clearer vision of projects and purchases before they commit.

As we see the retail industry move away from brick and mortar we are seeing online only retailers start growing, in some areas overtaking high street shops. This is particularly surprising in the furniture and homewares sector, but we saw it in 2018 as online mattress companies like “Caspar” and “Emma” were topping mattress sales without a single brick and mortar shop. This really opens up a space for virtual reality as we see a gap in the market for endless opportunities to show products to the consumer without having to see a product in real life.


Books and music were the first products to really see success online. Without having to touch or feel the products, there was little standing in the way of a consumer clicking on the Buy Now button. Once user reviews were introduced into the mix, the ecommerce virus started taking hold of electronics too. When it came to clothing, it took a little more brain power. With consumers being used to trying on clothes and feeling the quality of fabrics, online apparel had a slow start. But it was nothing that next day delivery and free returns couldn’t fix.


Now, it’s furniture’s time to shine online, but the category requires completely new tactics. While user reviews help customers understand the quality and feel of products, they can’t help a buyer see how the piece actually fits in a room, which is the biggest obstacle we’re seeing when consumers consider the risks of buying online.


Furniture buying requires consumers to invest significant amounts of time and money choosing an item they will have to live with for many years. Add this to the thought that homeowners will want to see if a furniture piece fits in their space, and matches the current arrangements and products they already have in their home, virtual reality can really kick in.

[wpvr id="84829"]

We are seeing AR and VR crop up in certain home décor apps, even if it is still early and some are stilted. Take Dulux for example, although not perfect, their app allows you to take a photo of your room and place their paint colours on any wall, so you can preview the finished look without spending any time or money. Now imagine the success if this was available to interior designers and general homeowners in the realm of furniture. Superimposing that sofa you’ve been lusting after, into your current living room space – to scale – and in your chosen fabric. It’s important to envision the whole room, including pieces you own and pieces you’re considering purchasing. We don’t think that this new retail revolution is far off. But you know what they say – the early bird catches the worm. It is usually the businesses who nail these new approaches first that get the long-term results.


The future can be exciting, if maybe a little daunting. Orbital are working on their own Virtual Reality products to help retailers and manufacturers sell their products – keep your eyes peeled for updates!


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New industry hub to officially open during Long Point

The Exchange, a new working, meeting and showroom space in heart of the UK's furniture manufacturing region, will be officially opened on the evening of 17th September.


Located in Westend Mill on Long Eaton's Leopold Street (opposite Harrington Mill), The Exchange already serves various functions, acting as the headquarters of trade association the BFM and digital agency Orbital, as well as being a new regional HQ for The Furniture Makers’ Company.


It is also a new showroom location for the biannual Long Point exhibition, taking place from 17-19th September.


"The Exchange is a hub," says Orbital's director, Matt O'Flynn, "set up for the purpose of providing the industry with a central point to convene and conduct its business in a neutral and professional environment.


"Home to the BFM, and the new Heart of England charity region for The Furniture Makers’ Company, the Long Eaton Guild will also use the space for their board meetings, as will the BFM. Additionally, it is the home to Orbital, a marketing and design agency set up to focus on the furniture market."


"The Exchange is also a new home for a growing number of manufacturers in the showroom space it has within the facility."


The opening party will commence at 6pm on 17th September. Present will be Maggie Throup, Conservative MP for the Erewash constituency, who was recently appointed the chair of the All Party Parliamentary Furniture Industry Group (APPFIG).


Members of the trade interested in attending should register their interest here


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The Exchange Showroom is open for business

We are now more accessible than ever before. Nestled in the heart of the UK's furniture manufacturing industry in Long Eaton, home to the new BFM office and Orbital Visions studio, you will find a space suitable to showcase your ranges full potential.


The Exchange Showroom is open for business, and we want you to see it for yourselves.


An impressive 300 meter squared open space, complete with an entire new interior, fully loaded conference suite, a provided cafe area and free Wi-Fi, it is undeniably Long Eaton's most exciting showroom space.


If you are interested in flaunting your brand and products in The Showroom, call us or email at [email protected] and we'll be more than happy to tell you more.


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