Sales within the furniture industry are drastically changing. People aren’t only buying differently, but they are looking for companies and brands to step up their sales campaigns to meet the demands of the changing consumer market. Traditional sales methods, such as travelling to meet clients with physical samples or holding product unveilings, are now looking to be a thing of the past. With Covid-19 having a drastic effect on how we sell, brands must now look for alternative methods to keep up their sales rates, or even improve them. 

Many of you will be aware that we have been creating digital imagery for Warwick UK for a while now. Digitising their entire collections. When the pandemic hit, after the initial shock, Warwick were quick to want to adapt to the New Normal. Seeing that their sales reps may be limited to Zoom calls for the near future, they were on the hunt for the best way to keep sales up during social distancing. And who better to ask that a company who deals in digital fabrics.

As we understand Warwick’s brand after working alongside them for so long, we already knew what they were missing to be able to sell fabrics well from a distance.

We already offer Warwick a package for each digital collection. Not only do we provide lifestyle imagery for every colourway in a range, but we also provide an online gallery which can be passed around to clients to see new launches without having to go via the website. This allows for sneak peeks of new launches and universal URL links to be shared internally.

As mentioned in our previous blog post, ‘The Importance of Animation within Interiors & Marketing’, there has been a constant increase in focus towards the importance of incorporating video and animation into marketing and sales strategies. Using animation and video has been proven to drive sales with 60% of people more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video referring to it. Warwick have been aware of this, but without the budget or skills to film a weekly production, they turned to us.  When all products and romsets are created in CGI, the easy part is setting up cameras in the virtual studio. This includes moving cameras. With Warwick’s collections, we supply an animation that looks like real filmography to show their fabrics in situ for every collection that we build.

Although we are great at fooling people with CGI, the video you see at the top of this post is not fake. Without access to regular sales meetings, we realised that each sales representative needed a full package ready-made for each collection, to be able to sell from a distance without losing any quality in the presentation. Our solution is to go on-site at Warwick HQ to film a fabric expert tell all about each of Warwick’s collections. These clips are then edited together to create professional videos to go along with each collection.

See the final result below.

Talking more about how to streamline the distanced sales process, we realised that each Warwick sales representative was creating their own Powerpoint presentation to showcase each new collection ahead of meetings. Not only does this leave too much room for error when it comes to consistent branding, but it was adding unnecessary workload to those who could be using their time to see clients and sell fabrics. Because of the software packages we use to put together galleries, edit imagery and animation, we had a package that feeds into the same software to create branded presentations for each collection that we digitise. 

This culminates in a well-designed presenter that includes every asset we create for Warwick in one easy to digest place. We are able to present the films about the new fabrics, animations, and full galleries of a collection to send out to all reps, as ready-to-sell packages. What more could you need?

All of these elements can be circulated via sales reps, website and all social media channels. Not only are these elements easily accessible for staff and clients, but they are all digital and safe to share during a time when we can’t meet face to face.

If you are interested in increasing your brand’s online presence, then don’t hesitate to get in touch today! 



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