With a reputation for providing high quality beds at reasonable prices, Emporia Beds required some fresh imagery to impress retailers and convert more visitors into customers.

Emporia beds were in a position a lot of businesses in the furniture industry find themselves in these days, they had great products to sell but lacked impactful image assets that would help their wide range of beds to stand out from the crowd. With a little help from Orbital Vision, Emporia beds have gone from more outdated, traditional product photography, to stand out digital assets that will impress both their retailers and end consumers! Strong marketing materials can make all the difference between making or losing a sale, especially in the current economic climate… Sales are becoming more concentrated with those who get it right, with stand out sales materials being more important now than ever.

The team first got to work creating the different bed models, with 19 different beds created in total. By closely observing Emporia Bed’s existing imagery, the team managed to accurately replicate every aspect of each bed, from minor details on the headboards to the intricate mechanisms which allows the beds to be opened up for additional storage space, every part of the bed was exactly as it would be in real life. At the same time our fabrics team were hard at work building each material, with linens, chenilles and faux leathers included in the range. Not only did we tackle the fabrics, but also a complex wood build too! Ensuring that the graining and texture of the wood was accurately replicated in 3D.

Next came the lifestyle shots, with 4 stunning rooms created to showcase each bed grouping in a fresh and unique way. Each bed was shown in both the closed and open positions, in stunning room sets that were expertly crafted by our team. Each room had its own unique set of props, lighting and colours to avoid repetition and to create a sense of uniqueness across the whole image collection. It just goes to show that even the smallest changes that are easy to execute in CGI, such as having unique wall colours or swapping out props for each room, can go a long way to create eye-catching imagery across a product range!


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