3D Product Configurator

Increase your sales with Envision. Customers can now
configure their dream product in real time.

Envision, our 3D Product Configurator, allows you to endlessly customise and configure a product to create your dream purchase.

Change a product’s size and materials until it fits your own personal style. View products as 360, 3D models, and view your creation in your own home with our app-less AR feature. Customer expectations are better managed, return rates are reduced, and sales are increased.

Key Features

360° views of your products

Configure in any material

Link to shopping basket

View in your room

Live product pricing

Benefits for retailers

  • Access to thousands of prebuilt 3D assets
  • Offer an upgraded shopping experience
  • Increase in sales, reduced return rates
  • Excellent touch points for in-store use
  • Stand apart from competitors

Benefits for manufacturers

  • Ability to supply customers with exceptional assets
  • Increase in retail sales = increase in orders
  • Shortened sales cycles
  • Increase in customer uptake

Create engaging product
Experiences that get results

80 %

reduced return

30 %

average increase in sales

11 x

more likely to

61 %

prefer shopping
with AR


How is the 3D product configurator integrated into our website?
The platfrom offers native plugins for Woocomms, Magento 2, Shopify, Lightspeed and SAP. Alternatively, the configurator can be embedded onto any webpage.
Which web browsers are supported?
All modern browsers with supported for WebGL and HTML5 are supported. The minimum required browser version includes:

Desktop: Chrome 8+, Firefox 4+, Safari 8+, Opera 12.1+, Edge 12+ & Internet Explorer 11

Mobile: Safari 8+, Android Browser 67+, Blackberry Browser 10+, Opera Mobile 12+, Chrome 71+, Firefox 64+ & Internet Explorer 11+
What UI customisation is available?
Menu and icon types can be adjusted within the enVision platform. Further UI changes can be completed by using on page CSS.
How does the configurator work?
The platform computes/renders everything in real-time.

A 3D model is loaded into the browser using a JavaScript platform (Three.js) and is placed into a simulate environment. Lighting and materials are applied live, allowing the user to customise and rotate the product on the fly.
Is there AR (Augment Reality)?
AR (Augmented Reality) capabilities are native to the platform.

By default each configurable product is ready for viewing on a mobile device and in AR. Please note that some materials are simplified when viewing on these devices to keep the platform running smoothly.
Will it have an impact on page loading times?
The platform is powered Amazon Web Services which offers a high speed connection to your assets. In most cases the loading speed is dependant upon the users device and internet connection.

We optimise all of our models and materials to ensure that loading times are reduced.
Can you set the camera positioning and limits?
Yes, the cameras are fully customisable. Multiple cameras can be created to suit different angles and products. It is also possible to set limits on the camera, i.e. locking the zoom or the extent that the user can pan around the product.