At Orbital, Fabric Creation is our secret weapon.

We can have your fabric sample scanned and on a product in minutes. Ever since we first ventured into the world of CGI for the interiors industry, we have been honing our craft, aiming to make digital fabrics so real you can almost feel them through the screen. And we have conquered it. It’s no surprise that a large number of our clients are purely fabric based. From velvets to embroidery, you won’t believe it’s not real. Along the way, we have noticed that most retailers and manufacturers rely on a simple flat shot to sell their fabrics. Unfortunately, a flat shot doesn’t convey the true texture of a sample, or how the fabric will react to light. Our signature trademark is The Wave. We pair a flat shot with a dynamic fabric show to show a client both full pattern repeat and true fabric likeness.

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Digitising your fabrics: The Process

The Brief The first step in the process is simple. We will ask for a 40cmx60cm (or full pattern repeat) swatch of each fabric that you need digitalised so that we can work our magic. If you really wanted to speed up the process, you could also send a lifestyle shot of the fabric on a product, so we can see the way light hits it at different angles.

The Build Our team will then recreate your fabrics with flawless step and repeat patterns, photo-realistic textures and colour matching perfection. You don’t need to know too much about this part, except that we can recreate your fabrics in record time. Seriously, we can have a fabric swatch perfectly digitised in under ten minutes. You really won’t believe it.

The Finished Product You have proofed and fallen in love with all the images. So now it is up to you where you're going to use them. We can put them in a great brochure design. Use them to drastically improve your eCommerce website or ask us to build room sets for them to be placed into for a time and cost effective alternative to photoshoots.

It really is as simple as that. We always make sure you’re involved in the whole process and our door is always open. Why not check out some of our previous work below. Come and meet us (or Skype if you’re too far away), send us your fabrics and that’s it! You’ll have your perfect 3D assets in no time at all. What are you waiting for?

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