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At Orbital, fabric creation is our secret weapon. We can have your fabric sample scanned and on a product in minutes. Ever since we first ventured into the world of CGI for the interiors industry, we have been honing our craft, aiming to make digital fabrics so real you can almost feel them through the screen. And we have conquered it. It’s no surprise that a large number of our clients are purely fabric based. From velvets to embroidery, you won’t believe it’s not real. Along the way, we have noticed that most retailers and manufacturers rely on a simple flat shot to sell their fabrics. Unfortunately, a flat shot doesn’t convey the true texture of a sample, or how the fabric will react to light. Our signature trademark is The Wave. We pair a flat shot with a dynamic fabric wave to show a client both full pattern repeat and true fabric likeness.


Recreating the natural creasing in linens is the most important aspect in our photorealistic renders.

With texture that follows the fabric end to end, this can be seen as an impossible feat for many CGI agencies. But we make it our business to exactly recreate fabrics in 3D.

Down to the smallest detail.


Printed patterns and plains are seen to be the ‘easiest’ fabrics to build in 3D, but for our Unreal Creatives, weaves are a breeze too.

Part of our process involves building each fabric in 3D. We don’t use flat images and wrap a product in them, we virtually create a roll of fabric down to the last fibres.

This means that the texture in our weave fabrics is completely true to life.


You may think you have particularly difficult fabric for us to replicate accurately. Maybe you have even used another agency and results were poor.

When it comes to fabric, we’ve seen it all before.

From Jacquards to Damasks, our bread and butter is fabric that involves multiple textures.


We build velvets from scratch in 3D. Our technology allows you to see the colour on a velvet change according to the light source.

From the shine and reflection to the subtleties of changing colours, our velvets react to light just like the real thing.


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