Over the past couple of years, since we ventured into the world of furniture and interiors, we have been perfecting our CGI skills. From realistic lighting, to photorealistic textures, we have a portfolio of images that you wouldn’t believe aren’t real photoshoots. But we’ve been keeping a secret. We do location filming too. Have a look at our little film below, put together from a number of different shoots.

Ok, we’ve been keeping another secret… That is not real footage. It is entirely CGI. That’s right, we can turn your CGI photoshoots into films. Using our virtual photography expertise, we have stepped into the realm of filmography. And not just your basic shots. We have animated full scenes. Having beautiful stills is no longer necessarily all you need to sell your brand. We can capture your branding in a CGI animation that can’t be done with web design or imagery alone. Our team is a mixture of experienced designers, photographers and CGI specialists. Combining their creativity and skill sets result in showstopping filmography that costs a fraction of the price, and takes a fraction of the time, compared to its ‘real life’ equivalent. There is no need for location scouts, expensive camera equipment, drone licenses… just Orbital’s Unreal Creatives and our Studio. And if you thought we could only tackle furniture, you’d be wrong! Although we separate ourselves from most other CGI agencies by perfecting our photorealistic textures and fabrics, we are focused on interiors. From kitchens and bathrooms to Georgian townhouse bedrooms and Scandi inspired living rooms. If it’s virtual, we’ve got it down. Although the grand stylised animation above may not be suitable for every brand, a simple but stunning slow pan of a product at the top of a web page could be the difference between your customers spending more time looking at your products or going elsewhere.Get in touch today to see how we can revolutionise your imagery. *no real cameras or locations were used in the making of this film.