Google has done it again, we can now communicate with flowers – especially tulips! Google Assistant within Google Home Hub has announced that you can now communicate and talk to plants. 

As artificial intelligence is just getting better and better, it is not surprising that we can now communicate in ‘Tulipish’. Google Tulip was developed in the Netherlands with the newest and most advanced artificial intelligence. As the country produces about 50% of the world’s flower population (that’s 12.5 billion flowers!), their most famous being the tulip, we are not surprised that the tulip is the focus point of Google’s newest project. 

Google Tulip took around two years of research and training and is now part of Google Home’s interpreter mode. During this research Google looked at how plants communicate with each other via their root systems and then went on to develop communication through humans and plants. 

Tulipish is just the beginning, Google’s project has opened up the ability to communicate across different species, not just different languages. Being able to communicate with nature has the possibility to learn more about our planet and what it needs. This is a great foot (or root) forward in the environmental issues we are facing today.  

We are loving this creative and fun project from Google! Who wouldn’t want to be able to say that they can talk to plants? It seems too good to be true – unfortunately that’s because it is. Google announced Google Tulip was 2019’s April Fools joke! The team went so far to create marketing imagery, including a full video introduction to the project. Google has produced some cracking April Fools jokes over the years, starting in 2000. Google Tulip in 2020 seems to be one of the least far fetched due to how technology has developed over the years! We so wish this project was real, but the crack team at Google isn’t that far ahead of the times in artificial intelligence. We can only hope we get to see something like this soon and we can’t wait to see what Google has up their sleeve for April Fools 2021!

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