Increasing Online Sales for Wood Bros

When Wood Bros approached us here at Orbital, they had a problem that almost all manufacturers encounter. They were releasing a large number of products available in an even larger number of finishes; from fabric textures, to patterns and even wood types. The issue they faced was that there are so many potential combinations and variations photographing them all would cost a small fortune – and take a lifetime to shoot. With other furniture giants already offering the ability to see each product in all available options online, how could they compete? And that’s where we came in.

The challenge? To digitally recreate their entire product range, currently consisting of 32 products, each available in 123 fabrics including wools, leathers, velvets. Not to mention the 7 different wood variations on top of all that! After creating all their upholstered assets, we also created 47 cameo room-set shots in which their 3D products took centre stage. These cameo room-set shots then went on to be used as part of Wood Bros Sofa Collection brochure. Creating a stunning showcase of all the Wood Bros products.

To save you adding all those numbers up, we have currently produced a total of 4,207 outstanding images, at least for now…

To tie everything together we offered Wood Bros our bespoke product builder. Using our product builder Wood Bros could display all potential product combinations at their customers fingertips. This allowed customers to see, in real time, what their potential combination of product, fabric and wood type would look like. Thus, eliminating the any worry or hesitation in a buyer’s mind about how their custom order will look.

The end result, Wood Bros ended up spending a fraction of the cost to build and shoot their products and received; equally as good image renders, a fantastic array of images for their brochure and access to a product builder that ties it all together.

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Step 1Product Type
Step 2Fabric
Step 3Wood

Accent footstool

Arncliffe armchair

Arncliffe compact 2 seater sofa

Bayford armchair

Bayford sofa

Blakeney armchair

Blakeney sofa

Burnham armchair

Burnham compact 2 seater sofa

Darley armchair

Darley sofa

Deepdale snuggler

Deepdale sofa

Deighton armchair

Gunthorpe armchair

Lavenham armchair

Lavenham bench buttoned

Lavenham bench plain

Lavenham bench stubby

Lavenham large sofa

Lavenham loveseat

Lavenham medium sofa

Mini footstool

Pickering armchair

Pickering sofa

Sofa collection footstool

Storage footstool diamond

Storage footstool square

Weybourne armchair

Weybourne compact 2 seater sofa

Weybourne large sofa

Weybourne medium sofa


Arran grey wool

Arran sage wool

Arran teal wool

Arran yellow wool

Banchory mustard wool

Banchory natural wool


Biscuit parquet

Biscuit plain

Check topaz wool

Deep beige

Downham earth

Elgin grey wool

Elgin sage wool

Elgin teal wool

Elgin yellow wool

Fleck lichen wool

Fleck natural wool

Haringey natural

Herringbone slate wool

Herringbone topaz wool

Holkham earth

Kelso natural wool

Killerton gold wool

Killerton heather wool

Killerton rouge wool

Kilt yellow wool

Little moreton hall gold wool

Little moreton hall rouge wool

Little moreton hall sage wool

Loxley floral

Montacute aqua wool

Montacute gold wool

Montacute heather wool

Montacute rouge wool

Montacute sage wool


Mr straws house aqua wool

Mr straws house heather wool

Mr straws house sage wool

Natural kelim

Old gold

Snowshill sage wool

Soft seaspray

Southwold natural

Southwold shell

Stone parquet

Tartan mustard wool

Tartan sage wool

Taupe plain

Twill mustard wool

Windowpane claret wool

Windowpane rust wool

Windowpane topaz wool

Wisteria storm

Chestnut traditional

Flaxen oak traditional

Fumed oak traditional

Light oak traditional

Tudor brown traditional

Vintage traditional


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3D Roomset shots & Details

The magic of 3D rendering is the complete and total flexibility compared to traditional photo shoots. Couple that with some Orbital skill and magic, and you have an unbeatable combination to bring the virtual world to life. Using our 3D magic, we were able to create a whole array of cameo shots of Wood Bros’ products that are easily customizable. Want a different mirror in the background? No problem. Want Autumnal light creeping through the windows instead of bright summer sunshine? Sorted. We can adjust camera angles, using our 360° 3D models, so you can decide the most flattering angle for your product. We also make your images available to be used across all channels. Currently Wood Bros are looking forward to using our 3D renders and design in their upcoming brochure.

Wood Bros have now confirmed that the number of sales for products that we have rendered on their website, have gone up and up since going live, and are still growing. We think that’s a job well done and can’t wait to get started on the next projects they throw our way.

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