We have been working hard over here at Orbital. And our most recent finished project was for Sofa Workshop.

Sofa Workshop have been creating a brand new website for the last year, and when they realised they needed a load of shiny new images to populate it, Orbital came to the rescue.

With a huge range of products available, which are customisable with over 1000 available fabrics, there is no feasible way to photograph every single combination. And that is where the magic of CGI can really turn a business around.

We created a huge 491 products, and wrapped them in 75 different fabrics. Now that is a lot of images.

We didn’t stop there! When it comes to Sofa Workshop, they source their products from a number of different UK manufacturers. We made it our job to collate fabrics from their suppliers, and made sure to send proofs of products to their respective manufacturers too, to make sure everyone involved was over the moon with our digital recreations.

Have a look around the new site to see our handiwork

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