With the launch of our new website, we wanted to not only showcase our skills and services, but we also wanted to launch a new page showing just how realistic CGI has become. We noticed that we were sending out an online gallery link to so many of our clients on a daily basis, so we thought, why not allow everyone access to these images? The reason we came up with Real or No Real to begin with was to show clients how we could recreate roomsets from photographs and clients would not be able to tell the difference between the reference and the render. This little game of ours has not only become a client favourite, but also an office favourite! As our office has different teams that work on fabrics, models and roomsets, many of us may not see a roomset until it’s finalised, which is perfect when testing our own teams’ expert eyes, let alone those who may not even understand what CGI is! Of course, we don’t have to mirror a shot, you can send us inspiration images if you’re looking for something new and out of the box! There are benefits to creating your own roomset from scratch, but there are also huge benefits from creating a room in 3D following a reference image verbatim. If you’ve got a set studio space to shoot products in and you’re wanting to keep all of your imagery consistent, we can easily recreate your same set up in CGI. We can also match shots to past shoot locations, meaning that you can ‘return’ to the same location to shoot a new collection without having to go through the long winded and time consuming process that comes with traditional photography. Not only can you ‘return’ to a location shoot, if you’re loving the look of a gorgeous stately home that’s a little too out of budget to hire, we can recreate it in CGI at the drop of a hat! We post our Real or No Real each week on our Instagram account - let's take a look at the results!

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