Scion came to us wanting to showcase their best selling products, along with their new collection ‘Esala’ in CGI form. The Scandi-inspired brand wanted us to bring their contemporary, characterful and creative designs to life which we set out to successfully produce 315 stunning lifestyle shots.

Originally Scion’s website within Style Library had missing images where clients would typically want to view each product in its designated environment. They saw how they could stand out from competitors and provide lifestyle shots of every colourway in-situ rather than just flatshots. With a beautiful and vibrant selection of fabrics and wallpapers it would cost an arm and a leg to physically shoot and set up a room set for each design, let’s not forget about the time it would take to do so.

Orbital came to the rescue, creating CGI images for 115 fabrics and 44 wallpapers, including flat, wave and detail shots, as well as stand out room sets. We were able to produce shots showing how each fabric and wallpaper reacted in different light environments and on different products.  

We’ve passed on editorial freedom to Scion and Style Library by providing them with all of their image files separately so they are able to create their own combinations with their fresh CGI products and renders. These separate files will allow Scion and Style Library to choose which furnishings they want in certain rooms. With the help of Photoshop they will be able to remove, swap out and change their room set designs. This is a great way to keep social content fresh by creating endless colour and fabric combinations as well as the ability to keep up to date with seasonal trends and marketing. Thanks to the team at Orbital, Scion’s products can now be switched out and customised within room sets to keep this collection seemingly timeless and effortlessly customizable. 

Within the fabulous room sets we have created, we rendered each fabric and wallpaper onto various different objects. Therefore, making it easier for customers to get a real glimpse into what their orders will look like and making Scion’s site within Style Library more accessible. Displaying only flatshots on a website means that customers may not be able to picture what their chosen product will look like in their desired fabrics. 3D rendered products result in the ability to view the scale of the pattern on a product, how the fabrics behave in different lighting, how it looks on different products and how a repeat pattern looks in-situ.

However, it is still uncommon for companies to use a room set for each colourway, this sets Scion and Style Library ahead of their competitors and makes it much easier for customers to envision their chosen product in their home. Each fabric and wallpaper has been carefully matched with complimentary colours and patterns to highlight the quality and creativity behind Scion’s collections. 

As a consumer and potential client, it is crucial to be able to view your desired product in-situ to grasp how it will sit and behave in different lighting and on different products. You may love a fabric on a cushion but find it too busy on a sofa. With Orbital’s CGI services we can make this a reality, taking away the daunting price tag if you were to do this in a studio. The ability to do this means that, as a business, you are able to appeal to a mass market by offering lifestyle imagery. This is why our services are impeccable when it comes to improving third party sales and marketing. 

Now that we have created these images, Scion and Style Library are able to use them across all of their marketing channels, including online, in catalogues, advertising and swatch books. 

Check out our socials and website CGI gallery to view more of our excellent CGI imagery. We are particularly active on Instagram, where we regularly share snippets of what we’ve created!


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