When we think of CGI Imagery, most people imagine unrealistic imagery from video games, or the creation of fantasy lands in multimillion pound blockbuster films. When it comes to CGI for the furniture industry, most businesses have given it a go, two or three years ago, and been disappointed with the results. Materials with no texture, unimaginative lighting, and results that look fake. But one agency was challenging these beliefs at JFS 2020.

At this year’s January Furniture Show, Orbital’s stand was showcasing CGI that didn’t cease to amaze, when visitors were assured that none of the imagery on display was photography. Orbital is a digital creative agency specialising solely on the furniture and interiors industry. With CGI imagery their main focus, alongside branding, design and websites, they have spent the last three years honing their virtual 3D skills. Upon surveying the CGI being offered to the furniture industry, they noticed that the real failing in making these images look realistic was textures and fabrics. Orbital made it their mission to create photorealistic fabrics, that are indistinguishable from the real thing, and from the imagery they were presenting at the show, it looks like they have achieved their aim.