Interior CGI

Showcase your products, designs, and ideas in beautiful, photorealistic 3D interior settings. Interior CGIs are an incredible way to achieve photorealistic imagery that can be constantly updated to fit with new launches or a rebrand of your business, all at the fraction of the cost of traditional photoshoots.

The Dream Roomset

We can digitally recreate any shoot location, studio set-up, inspiration image that you can think of. Traditional photoshoots are expensive, time consuming and are not editable. Not only can you create the perfect space, but 3D interiors also give you the opportunity to shoot every product, in every fabric and finish.

Create an endless library of photorealistic interior visualisations:

  • Show every product in every finish
  • Produce stunning marketing visuals
  • Have endless shots to share across social media and promotional campaigns
  • Recreate any interior you could imagine

Endlessly Change Your Interiors

With CGI, you can not only create your dream location to shoot your products in, but you can also revisit these digital locations again and again to create endless shots with new combinations, new schemes, and even seasonal imagery to sit alongside your promotional sales.

Return & Restyle:

  • Restyle existing roomsets to showcase new products
  • Create seasonal imagery to sit along campaigns
  • Provide customers with the option to style roomsets in their specific branding
  • Have access to thousands of accessories to sit alongside your products

Spot the 3D Roomset

Use the slider to reveal which image is real and which one is CGI.

Why Use 3D Interior Rendering?


The possibilities are endless. We are able to fine tune every element of your products and roomsets to ensure they fit with your individual style.


Animation is a fantastic way to add depth to your marketing content and further engage your audience.

Boost Sales

Showing a product in-situ can be the deciding factor to secure a sale. Customers are more likely to purchase a product after seeing it in a photorealistic setting.

Cost Effective

No more expensive photoshoots. CGI Interiors allow you to create an endless amount of shots at a fraction of the price of traditional photoshoots.


All our digital roomsets can be used again and restyled to fit new trends, new products or for seasonal marketing.

Get Creative

With access to thousands of props, products and fabrics, you can create the perfect lifestyle shot!

Boost your Marketing

With a wide array of skills from interior design to product development to backgrounds in photography, our team are experts in creating exceptionally realistic interiors that are ready to be used across your website, social media, and marketing avenues.

  • Return to existing roomsets to create seasonal imagery
  • Showcasing products in-situ can be the deciding factor for a sale
  • Keep up with changing trends

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