Furniture CGI

Bring your products to life and make them completely customisable with specific branding to suit your needs. Say goodbye to photoshoots and use 3D furniture visualisation to take your product launches and e-commerce capabilities to the next level. With CGI rendering, the possibilities and opportunities are endless.

Enhance Your Imagery

Wanting product imagery quickly, easily and at the fraction of the cost of photography? If your answer is yes, we’ve got you covered! 3D furniture rendering overcomes the challenges that come with traditional photoshoots, with added benefits to transform your digital sales and marketing.

Give customers everything they could possibly want or need:

  • Show products in all available fabrics and finishes
  • View your products at multiple angles
  • Shoot every product in your dream location
  • Delve into the world of AR and product animation
  • Create a cohesive collection of product imagery specific to your unique brand

Essential Marketing Assets

With online shopping more popular than ever, it’s vital that you offer the best imagery and online experience for your customers. Speed to market is quicker than ever when creating product imagery through CGI. Through an integrated e-commerce solution, we can provide you with everything you need to sell a product online.

  • Create a 'try-before-you-buy' shopping experience
  • Move the product around to find its perfect place
  • All products built to scale to fit accurately in the space

Why Use 3D Furniture Rendering?


The possibilities are endless. We are able to fine tune every element of your products and roomsets.


Animation is a fantastic way to add depth to your marketing content and further engage your audience.

360 Degree

Looking to show off your furniture? 360 degree views are a fantastic way to showcase every angle.

Cost Effective

Keep costs low with 3D furniture rendering. No need for expensive photoshoots and transportation costs.


All 3D models and roomsets can be reused and restyled again and again for future projects.


With the ability to keep lighting the same, any product imagery is kept consistent with 3D rendering.

Boost your Marketing

Whether you’re selling cabinets, sofas, beds or footstools, our team are experts in creating photorealistic 3D renders of soft and hard furnishings. With a wide array of skills and experience, we are ready to upgrade your online capabilities.

  • Endless imagery for promotions, new releases and social
  • We provide everything our clients need to sell a product online
  • Have imagery quicker and cheaper than traditional photography

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