Want to shoot some Christmas inspired imagery for the upcoming season? Need imagery quick, easy and at an affordable rate? We’ve got you covered! Sending out seasonal promotional imagery is a great way to refresh your customers on the products you offer, whilst releasing some new and exciting imagery just in time for the festive season. As I’m sure many of us have noticed, the festive season has really snuck up on us this year. From starting to see Christmas adverts on our TVs, to new stock and in-store displays, the advertising and marketing realm is feeling festive. Instead of rushing around trying to get things put in place, locations and photographers booked, why not create your imagery in CGI?

Christmas, and the run up to it, is often the most exciting time of year for many. There’s always such a buzz and focus around getting together and sharing what you love - and if you’re getting together, what do you need? Something to sit on of course! Although sofas may be a strange gift to some, the Christmas season is still incredibly important for the furniture industry. With January sales and launches on the horizon, it's the perfect time to promote your existing products, boost sales and attract new and existing customers to special deals. Instead of sending out imagery that may be styled to a different season, or old imagery you use frequently, offer something a little extra cheerful this festive season.

If you're an existing client of ours, you’re in an even better position. As we already have your models built, and possibly a roomset or two already in your digital asset library, our expert team are able to create new and exciting imagery for you at the drop of a hat - and at a fraction of a price compared to traditional photography.  Our expert team are able to transform your existing shots, or create news ones, that give off that festive cheer we are all looking forward to. Adding a seasonal marketing campaign to your strategy can lead to higher customer engagement and more sales throughout the year. Get in touch with our team today to complete your marketing campaigns for this Christmas season!