View Products In Your Own Home with AR - No App Required

Increase Online & In-Store Sales By 30% On Average

Increase Website & Social Media Engagement

Customers 11x More Likely to Purchase with 3D Viewing

Boost Sales & Engagement with Our 3D Product Configurator

ENVISION allows your customers to endlessly customise and configure your products, change materials, view them as a 360, 3D model and view your products in their own home with our app-less AR feature. This will bring an upgraded shopping experience to your customers, giving them more interactivity on your site and makes them feel more involved in the design process. The platform can be tailored to your brand and website with CSS, which can be done by your website provider, or we can offer this as an optional service. ENVISION can also be used in-store, with excellent touch points and user accessibility, everyone can access the 3D viewer, which can be the deciding factor when securing a sale.


Higher Conversion Rates


More Likely to Purchase


Prefer Shopping With AR

Seamless Ecommerce Integration

Seamless integration works across all browsers and devices. Integrating our 3D model viewer on your website is easy with our plugin or API connection. ENVISION works alongside existing online stores to bring a new and upgraded shopping experience to your online customers. No matter what your site is built in, we can add ENVISION onto your site with ease!


Reduced Return Rates


Surveyed Prefer 3D To Video Playback Options


Average Increase In Sales

Accelerate Buying Decisions with the Interactive Furniture Configurator

Let customers view products from any angle, spin them around for a 360-view, and zoom in and out for more detail. Increase add-to-cart rate by up to 50%.

  • View products in your own home with our app-less AR feature
  • View products full screen
  • Showcase products' special features with quick animations
  • Links directly to your existing checkout system with an add to basket feature
  • Automated pricing based on the personalisation of a product

Fully Customise Each Product

Bring a personalised and interactive shopping experience to your customers with the ability to customise an array of features. Customers feel more involved in the design process if they are able to customise:

  • Material choices
  • Add in different components to create custom configurations
  • Engraving
  • Custom colours/ custom artwork

Empower customers with (AR) Augmented Reality

Online shoppers want to feel confident that they’ve found the right product – that it’s going to fit into the available space or look great with their existing furniture. AR helps to address those questions in real-time, building confidence and excitement that leads to a sale.

  • Create a 'try-before-you-buy' shopping experience
  • Move the product around to find its perfect place
  • All products built to scale to fit accurately in the space

Try Our 3D Product Configurator

Big Benefits, Small Costs

Increased Repeat Sales

71% of customers would return to a retailer more often if they offered Augmented Reality experience during purchase.

Product Customisation

Offering a fully personalised shopping experience, increasing user engagement and session durations. 

Increased Profits

40% of customers would be willing to pay more for a product if they can experience it through the use of AR

Customers want to see and experience a lot more than a single product shot in one fabric. With the ability to use pre-built 3D products, retailers are able to access these incredible assets for a reduced cost in comparison to building them from scratch. Retailers specifically can benefit heavily from using ENVISION for the following reasons:

  • Offer an upgraded shopping experience
  • Increase in sales
  • Reduce return rates
  • Excellent touch points to allow for in-store use by your sales team
  • Better ability to manage customer expectations
  • Get ahead of competitors

Benefits for Manufacturers

3D Product Configurators aren’t just for B2C or retailers, they’re completely transforming sales cycles and how large purchases and bought and sold. If retailers are successfully selling your products, this means more orders from you! Manufacturers specifically can benefit from ENVISION for the following reasons:

  • Ability to supply exceptional assets to customers
  • Increase in retail sales = increase in orders
  • Shortened sales cycles
  • Increase in customer uptake as you have more to offer than competitors

Frequently Asked Questions

The platfrom offers native plugins for Woocomms, Magento 2, Shopify, Lightspeed and SAP. Alternatively, the configurator can be embedded onto any webpage.

All modern browsers with supported for WebGL and HTML5 are supported. The minimum required browser version includes:

Desktop: Chrome 8+, Firefox 4+, Safari 8+, Opera 12.1+, Edge 12+ & Internet Explorer 11

Mobile: Safari 8+, Android Browser 67+, Blackberry Browser 10+, Opera Mobile 12+, Chrome 71+, Firefox 64+ & Internet Explorer 11+

Menu and icon types can be adjusted within the enVision platform. Further UI changes can be completed by using on page CSS.

The platform computes/renders everything in real-time.

A 3D model is loaded into the browser using a JavaScript platform (Three.js) and is placed into a simulate environment. Lighting and materials are applied live, allowing the user to customise and rotate the product on the fly.

Generating content from the platform is possible, however this is down to your web developers to implement.

Yes, set product variations can be loaded. Each variable is assigned a SKU code, which can be recalled upon loading.

AR (Augmented Reality) capabilities are native to the platform.

By default each configurable product is ready for viewing on a mobile device and in AR. Please note that some materials are simplified when viewing on these devices to keep the platform running smoothly.

The platform is powered Amazon Web Services which offers a high speed connection to your assets. In most cases the loading speed is dependant upon the users device and internet connection.

We optimise all of our models and materials to ensure that loading times are reduced.

The models and materials are uploaded independently allowing elements to be switched on and off depending upon availability. Materials are not restricted to set products of ranges, any material can be made available on any model.

Yes, the cameras are fully customisable. Multiple cameras can be created to suit different angles and products. It is also possible to set limits on the camera, i.e. locking the zoom or the extent that the user can pan around the product.