As we work with both international and national manufacturers on a close and regular basis, we’ve noticed the same comments, worries and issues crop up when discussing their marketing capabilities when they first came to us wanting to investigate CGI.  With customers becoming more demanding over the last year due to the increase in online shopping, the demand for more brand specific imagery is on the rise. Many manufacturers will know the struggle of launching a new product, spending thousands (if not tens of thousands) on a photography shoot and selling into different retailers, only to have them turn around and request a different look and feel for the imagery so that they stand out against competitors. 

As photography shoots are on the decline, and CGI is on the rise, there are far more capabilities when it comes to having your lifestyle imagery made via CGI compared to going down the traditional photography route - and you never have to photograph a piece of furniture again! How many of you have got your final shots back from a shoot and thought “we should’ve moved that plant to the left..”, “that cushion’s too flat”, “we could’ve changed those props so that we have some shots for Christmas” or, “who left that book on the floor from the last shot?”. From the conversations we’ve had with our clients, it seems to be a recurring issue. With CGI, you are able to constantly edit a scene until you get it perfect. Not to mention you can play about with different props, colour schemes, backgrounds and lighting without spending half of your scheduled studio time doing so.  As you are able to transform a shot from being a living room on a beautiful warm summer day, to a cozy winter christmas scene within a few simple clicks, you are also able to completely customise each shot for specific customers. Meaning you are not only keeping all of your retailers happy, but you are also providing them with incredible imagery that will not only boost their sales, but most importantly, will boost yours! Great imagery = more sales via retailers. More sales via retailers = more orders from you!

Not only can you edit a shot until you’re happy with it, but you can also revisit your roomsets weeks, months or even years later to use again without having to pay a build fee. If you were to have a location shoot, going back 6 months later with a new range would cost you the same, if not more, than the first shoot. However, with CGI, once you have a room built, that room is yours to use again and again at essentially a much lower cost than your first time using it. Once a room is built in 3D, you can use it and change it endlessly. We store this in your digital asset library, along with everything that we’ve built for you in the past, build fees only apply once which is why we often encourage clients with a smaller budget to restyle existing roomsets to keep costs low but keep imagery fresh and updated.  With the ability to constantly change roomsets to fit different styles and branding, manufactures will be able to offer imagery out to their retailers that they actually want! This is something that is relatively new to the industry as many manufacturers would have a standard photoshoot or leave it up to the retailers themselves - leaving retailers with imagery they don't like or a big bill for a shoot they didn't expect to do. Not only does this give the manufacturers access to more imagery, but it also means that the business relationship between manufacturer and retailer only grows stronger. Get in touch with our unreal team of creatives today, they are ready to help transform your sales through incredible imagery!