In recent months we have been looking into ways to help boost our clients sales. We love creating incredible lifestyle imagery for our clients’ marketing strategies – it is no surprise that we are always looking for new methods to further improve these campaigns. As we have worked with clients, such as Warwick Fabrics, for such a long period of time, we have come to learn and understand their brand, their goals and their marketing strategies. As we are a group of creatives from all different backgrounds, including marketing, it makes complete sense for our clients to use us not only for their amazing imagery, but also for cohesive, creative and unique marketing packages that they are able to use throughout social media, on websites and when pitching products to clients! So far, Warwick Fabrics have decided to have us produce these presenters for every collection we have digitally made for them! We have also been showing them off to other clients who are looking at more digital ways of selling in a time where we cannot travel to see others in person. Firstly, and possibly the most important benefit, these presenters are widely accessible for your sales team, your clients and anyone who has the link! With one link, accessible on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop, as long as you are connected to the internet, you are able to access everything you would need to sell a product in one place! This link can be sent to all of your sales reps and colleagues to present to clients and will be automatically refreshed if any changes are made to the presentation.

In Warwick Fabrics’ case, sales representatives were making their own, individual presentations that weren’t brand orientated and information may have been missed or over explained. This can take up a lot of sales reps time, removing this aspect of their job means that they are able to do what they do best – sell! To combat this issue we worked with Warwick to design two templates: one for multiple textured collections and another for single textured collections. This way, the content of templates will change with each range, but the concept, look and flow of each template will stay the same. We made sure to personalise Warwick’s presenters so that the colour scheme, chosen text and layout mirrors the brands classic design. The presenters themselves are easy to navigate and we are able to produce them for you. It is so important to make the presenters as visual as possible, especially in a time where you may not be able to send physical samples to the clients, as we already have your imagery – and the ability to edit and create brand new images for you – having a visual presentation is no issue! These presenters are a great way to access everything you need, with buttons linking to your website, social media and contact information your clients have everything (digital) that they could possibly need!

We are so confident that these really do sell the products for you and may be a great avenue to go down if you are looking to go digital in multiple aspects of the business. These presenters look sleek, modern and impressive, they are easy to navigate, easy to understand and hold everything you could possibly need to sell (besides the physical samples themselves!). Get in touch today if you are interested in having one of these presenters made for you to improve your sales methods!