For many of our clients, having lifestyle and roomset imagery has always been their favourite aspect of their projects as they are able to see their products in a real life environment and have the same amount of creative input as they would on a photography shoot. However, as some clients come to us with the sole purpose of wanting to showcase their models in every possible fabric combination as product cut-outs, they often overlook, or are unaware of, how important it is to have your products shown in a photorealistic environment. Retailers, manufacturers and suppliers, especially in the current circumstances, rely on imagery to sell their products. As the recent months have shown that photography shoots are becoming a thing of the past, we want to take a moment to highlight the reasons why having multiple shots and formats - cut-outs, lifestyles and animations - are so crucial in increasing your e-commerce game.  Many of our clients have now dropped photography all together, meaning that we are producing all of their marketing collateral. One of the main benefits of CGI is that you have complete control over every aspect of the project, prop arrangement, materials, lighting and camera angles can be changed and adjusted in an instant - unlike traditional photography. Of course when focusing on showcasing your products in every possible combination you sell it in, lifestyle imagery may be overlooked. However, it’s important to note that they are just as, if not more, beneficial when it comes to selling products online. 

One of the main benefits of showing your products in-situ is that your clients and customers are able to visualize how your product looks in a ‘real’ environment. You may not think it to begin with, but seeing a product on a white background, vs in a beautifully dressed living room can give off a completely different vibe for the customers, and can ultimately be the deciding factor when it comes to purchasing your products. As well as this, they can gage the size of the product. Of course, you may have dimensions on your website, but for someone who’s online shopping quickly or just having a browse, having a product shown in-situ can really help them to distinguish whether your product is right for them.  Some of our clients like to use their roomsets to showcase multiple pieces from their store, such as furniture models shown with faux plants, rugs, side tables and lighting fixtures. You can completely customise your lifestyle shots so that they can represent your brand and give customers ideas of what else to buy from your site.  We are currently working on a super exciting project for one of our clients! For each of their projects with us we create flat and wave shots, lifestyle imagery showing their fabrics on multiple products, e.g. curtains, cushions, sofas and throws and animations. As this specific client has so many roomsets in their digital asset library we wanted to test out a way to create a 3D walkthrough where you can click and change the fabric on the soft furnishings within the roomset.

Working with our team creates many benefits for you to use in future projects, not only will you have your own digital asset library, but if you have made a roomset for one project, you are able to use it again and again without the building fee. You are also able to endlessly change and edit this room, you could turn a minimal nordic bedroom into a gothic living room by changing the wall colour and texture, the flooring, the furniture and all of the props - you can even change the lighting too! Once you have your roomset built it is so easy to go back in to create more shots at different angles, to animate the room and to create digital walkthroughs. This aspect of having a roomset built can often be overlooked, but once you have your room as part of your digital asset library you are able to use it and change it for future projects.  If you’re looking to step up your game when it comes to selling, lifestyle imagery may well be the way to do it! Get in touch with our team of Unreal Creatives today to see how we can help you!