As lockdown eases and the ferocious vaccine rollout continues, it is evident that consumer confidence is growing to get back out on the high street.

Spend is now being diverted from online sales and growth fell in the month of June by 14.1% according to the latest IMRG Capgemini Online Retail Index, which tracks the online sales performance of over 200 retailers. However with some goods in high demand and retailers still grappling with ongoing issues with supply, shoppers are still very much insistent on buying an item when they see it in stock instead of shopping around for the best deal.

Cost and time effective marketing visuals to boost online sales are therefore imperative and the use of CGI has never been more popular with clients now realising how every CGI image has a world of endless marketing possibilities. Clients can return to each 3D model and create new digital images whenever you choose, creating seasonal marketing campaigns and eshots with ease. If you introduce new fabrics to the range these can not only be created quickly, but rendered onto models producing digital assets that can be out there for the world to see in a fraction of the time and cost that it would take to build a prototype, photograph and place on a shop floor for display.

With our purpose-built product customiser almost ready to launch, we can now offer complete digital sales packages. Our product customiser will allow your customers to completely customise and configure products to suit their needs and fit their own personal style. Not only can you change the fabrics and materials of a product, whilst being able to see its dimensions and a running total of what it will cost, the customiser will also allow your customers to spin a product around via the 360 function. Customers will also be able to view products in their own home through the use of AR! This complete and comprehensive package gives a consumer everything they need and complete confidence to buy. What could be better?

With consumer habits undoubtedly set to see-saw over the coming months, capturing those online sales in a fiercely competitive market may prove difficult once again. But having a robust and strong online presence coupled with the clever use of CGI and its infinite possibilities will ensure you stay one step ahead of the competition. With everything you need to sell a product in one place, from one fantastic team, the possibilities of your digital assets are endless! Don’t get left behind…get in touch with our unreal team of creatives today.

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