A familiar name to many, Oak Furnitureland is a standout brand within the UK furniture industry. With their original vision of 'every home deserves beautiful furniture that's made for real life' being at the forefront of what they do, Oak Furniture Land is a brand we can all look upon fondly.

One thing we always like here at Orbital Vision is a challenge and when Oak Furnitureland approached us with a tight deadline to provide product imagery for a huge launch of their new upholstered beds, we jumped at the opportunity! The first phase of the project saw us create 8 bed ranges from scratch, each with with a double, king and super king sized variant as well as each bed being available in an initial 22 fabrics. The deadline for this first phase? 4 Weeks. We had to work to do…

With over 500 variations of beds needing images in just the initial phase of the project, you can see how traditional photography would not stand a chance! The team began building both the models and the fabrics required concurrently, ensuring no time was lost in order to hit the tight deadline. Our 3D team accurately studied every detail of each bed, from how the buttons sit in the headboards to how the shadows fall beneath the bases, to achieve only the most realistic visuals. Meanwhile the fabric team got to work building each fabric, with a variety of cottons and velvets needed for launch. The 3D team managed to go from reference images to proofs within around 2 weeks, achieving sign off with minimal edits and proving that a quick turn around time does not equal rushed!

With sign off secured, the team went about rendering, post editing and organising over 2000 images ready to be sent across to Oak Furnitureland for upload to their website in time for launch. This was done swiftly yet accurately, with files sent across with a matter of days, allowing Oak Furnitureland to launch their amazing new beds on time!

This project will certainly be a memorable one for the team, not only because we pulled together to reach a very tight deadline but also because we proved to ourselves just what can be done with CGI in even a relatively short space of time. CGI allowed each bed to be shown in each fabric variation, in multiple different angles and even allowed for additional detail shots to be easily created, all to give the customer a great first impression.


Product imagery can make or break a launch event, so why not consider using CGI for your next launch? Get it in touch with the team via the contact form below!