The One-Stop-Shop for the Furniture Industry

As we work so closely with many of our clients, we have become the UK’s one-stop-shop for the furniture industry. We offer everything a retailer, wholesaler, supplier or manufacturer could possibly need when selling products online. From building 3D models, to animating photorealistic roomsets, to providing your customers with the ability to view your products in their own home with AR, our team are experts in all things 3D and CGI when it comes to the furniture and interiors industry. The importance of digital assets is growing by the day, and with everything you need in one place, why look elsewhere?

Furniture Visualisation

As most other 3D agencies have backgrounds in, or focus on, creating architectural renders, their builds of soft furnishings don’t highlight the softness or realism of a product. Our team specialise in building products for the furniture industry, everything we build is a true representation of the physical product and looks both inviting and realistic. Once a model has been built, there are endless possibilities, the obvious being that other sizes can be easily built from this, creating a whole product range in under an hour. These 3D models can be rendered in tens, hundreds, or even thousands of fabrics and materials, creating an endless array of product SKUs - which is essential for selling your products online, customers want to see everything they can before purchasing a product. Wanting the focus to solely be on your products? We can render your products as 360 shots, or at multiple angles to create a series of stills.


Customers are now wanting to see and experience as much as they can before purchasing a product, the newest step in increasing your online engagement is showing your products as a 3D model. 3D Product Configurators aren’t new in the furniture industry, IKEA launched their own 3D and AR platform back in 2017. Our own configurator, ENVISION, opens new and exciting doors for both you and your customers. With the ability to increase sales by an average of 30% and decrease return rates by 80%, ENVISION allows your business to expand and grow, whilst offering customers a more exciting way to shop.  Once you have all of your models built, why not offer your customers an engaging and upgraded shopping experience and show your products as interactive 3D models? ENVISION allows your customers to endlessly customise and configure your products, change materials, view them as a 360, 3D model and view your products in their own home with our app-less AR feature. ENVISION can also be used in-store, with excellent touch points and user accessibility, everyone can access the 3D viewer, which can be the deciding factor when securing a sale. With the bulk of the work already done, everything else is quick and easy!


reduction in product development cycles


increase in sales


more likely to purchase a product if viewing it in 3D


reduced return rates

3D Fabric Builds

We’ve spent the past three years specialising in product and fabric builds, we work with many suppliers, designers and manufacturers to bring their fabrics to life. We’ve perfected an array of different fabric textures, from weaves, to crushed velvets, to silks, to prints - we’d like to think we’ve mastered the 3D world of fabrics. Our skilled fabric team work hard to perfect these fabric builds to make sure they reflect the plushness and softness of the physical samples, giving online customers a true reflection of the products they are interested in. With a variety of textures under our belt, our fabrics look so real you feel as though you could touch them.

Interior Visualisation

For many of our clients, having lifestyle imagery has always been their favourite aspect of a project, as they are able to see their products in a real life environment and have the same amount of creative input as they would on a photoshoot. You have complete control over every aspect of the project, prop arrangement, materials, lighting and camera angles can be changed and adjusted in an instant - unlike traditional photography. We can recreate any location or roomset in 3D, allowing you to showcase your products in the perfect location, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional photography, and looking just as realistic. We can recreate your favourite past shoot location, or even your dream location, from traditional English gardens, to cityscape apartments, to modern barn conversions, the list is endless. Working with our team creates many benefits for you to use in future projects, not only will you have your own digital asset library, but if you have made a roomset for one project, you are able to use it again and again without the build fee. You are able to return and restyle existing room builds to fit new trends, new product launches or even a rebrand, it's easy for our team to transform a minimalistic bedroom into a gothic style kitchen by changing out props, furniture and other elements such as flooring and lighting.


Upgrade your web and social interaction with beautiful 3D animations to showcase each and every aspect of your product. With seamless transitions, we can take your stunning CGI still images to the next level to create immersive graphics ready to be used across your media avenues. Animations are a versatile way to encourage more consumer engagement, they can be used across social media channels, websites, trade shows, sales pitches, and presentations… the list goes on. Video is proven to drive web traffic and push sales, with over 60% of people more likely to purchase a product after watching a video. Animation is now easier and cheaper than ever before. After we've created a roomset, it's incredibly quick and easy for us to create an animation. The hard work has already been done! It takes minutes for our team to set up different shots and cameras that render out seamlessly. So many people miss out on these opportunities, animations are the perfect way to increase engagement and interest across your social media channels.

Sales Package Presenters, Marketing Support & Web design

Our team have backgrounds in web design, marketing and sales - allowing us to understand what’s required to sell your products. Once your assets are built and rendered, our team can offer additional support in marketing and sales. We can provide you with digital sales presenters - which contain video and built-in links, offer help with web design and help with general day-to-day marketing, such as email campaigns and social media marketing. 

So with all of that to offer, why look elsewhere for your marketing and imagery needs?

Learn More About Our 3D Product Customiser, ENVISION, Here.