As we head into a busy time for both manufacturers and retailers, there is a feeling of anticipation and reflection over the past year. Current trends have celebrated the e-commerce experience, with its capability to transform the way we perceive products. Whether that be through beautifully styled 3D roomsets or interactive 360 models, one thing that remains a constant is the aim to create visuals that tell a convincing story to build trust with customers. The past year has seen comfy, cozy ranges jump back into demand and this time with more flair, the focus being on the main purpose of a room - comfort. With the focus on furniture over accessories, there was more availability for intricate and proud wallpaper patterns to take the forefront in interior design. 

The economical climate has meant people are looking inward and seeking spaces within their homes that motivate practicality. Meaning sofas, chairs and footstools that embody comfort are becoming increasingly popular, whilst wallpapers, lampshades and cushions offer space for personality and dynamism.  Our unreal team of creatives ensure that the final images that we provide our clients with achieve a harmony between colour, lighting and other important elements of a room that makes it inviting. Our speciality in creating 3D models and digitally upholstering them in photorealistic materials has meant the imagery that we create is both realistic and captivating.

We’ve spent the past three years specialising in product and fabric builds, we are one of the top CGI agencies in the UK known for this. We work with many suppliers, designers and manufacturers to bring their fabrics to life. Working closely with Warwick Fabrics has allowed us to recreate an array of different fabric textures, from weaves, to crushed velvets, to silks, to prints - we’d like to think we’ve mastered the 3D world of fabrics.  Warwick Fabrics themselves have turned to us to create all of their imagery, ruling out traditional photoshoots for any new and upcoming ranges. In a time with limited in-person sales meetings, Warwick has relied on us to perfect their fabrics in 3D form. We have surpassed expectations time and time again, along with impressing ourselves in how realistic we can create even the most difficult of fabrics. Our skilled fabric team worked hard to perfect these fabric builds to make sure they reflect the plushness and softness of the physical samples, giving online customers a true reflection of the products they are interested in. With a variety of textures under our belt, our fabrics look so real you feel as though you could touch them - perfect for selling them online. Fabrics are the key to successful and realistic CGI - if you’re showcasing a new sofa, the model build could be amazing, but with poor fabrics digitally upholstered onto it, it would never look realistic. Our team works hard to ensure that even the tiny fibers you may find on wool can be seen on our client’s products. 

Fabrics are our secret weapon, and with an expert team who take 3D furniture and interiors to the next level, we have everything you need for a complete imagery refresh! So make sure you get in touch with our team today to see how we can transform your marketing and sales.