Long Point 2021 is taking place from 24th to the 27th May in Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire. Specialising in CGI fabrics, photorealistic imagery, branding and design, there is a lot to see and take in here at the Orbital studio! We are opening our doors and inviting all visitors to learn more about the world of CGI. We have recently featured in the latest Furniture News magazine! Want to learn more about CGI and how it can benefit your sales? Carry on reading!

Computer Generated Imagery as a replacement for traditional photography methods have been heavily featured in the last few issues of Furniture News. With Technology and skills evolving to a point where a consumer would find it impossible to see the difference between CGI and photography, it’s a conversation being had by most retail services in a time where not only shops, but factories too, have suffered heavy closures. Your products are only as good as your photography, especially in the online shopping evolution. Orbital Vision are the CGI furniture and fabric specialists. With over a decade of experience in the industry, and a team with backgrounds in photography, design and interiors, they have been spearheading the CGI industry for the last three years. Based opposite the famous Harrington Mills, it’s no wonder that the agency has streamlined their focus on furniture and are in a perfect position for the infamous Long Point exhibition. With the disruption to the industry over the last year, it has become clear that more and more businesses are looking for a new way to present their products to customers. We are being approached daily by new businesses who have seen the imagery on our website. But it seems that there are still many misconceptions about using CGI to sell products online.

“We are finding that lots of businesses may have approached CGI either recently or a few years ago, with another agency, and were disappointed with the results; giving up on the concept altogether. The other side we are hearing of is businesses who have never considered this way of selling, and have no idea how to get started. But Computer Generated Imagery to replace traditional photography is a no-brainer! Cost and time-effective marketing visuals to boost online sales, without leaving your office. Not to mention that you can have more imagery than possible with photography.” Orbital are opening their doors during Long Point to invite all visitors to learn more about the world of CGI and how it can transform sales. From suppliers to manufacturers to retailers, CGI will soon be a necessity to sell a product, and the more you know, the more powerful your next steps. Book a one-hour slot by email or phone to have all your queries answered. Having one-to-one slots mean that Orbital can advise on your specific strategy, and on a cost-effective approach bespoke to your journey along with live demonstrations. The brand-new café-style kitchen will also be open at their studio providing hot and cold food and drinks at any point during the show. There is a pool table and private, comfortable seating to take advantage of. We can’t wait to see you all during Long Point 2021!