With some unexpected technical difficulties with our site sorted, we’re back with a brand new website! We wanted to not only highlight our team’s incredible work, but we also wanted to showcase our new services that we offer. With an experienced team in CGI, photography and marketing, we’ve spent a lot of time over the past year and a half looking at ways to help and benefit our clients with online sales. As more and more clients wanted our help, we are now offering a complete digital sales package service to all of our clients.

This not only includes the expected digital assets such as lifestyle imagery, product cut-outs and fabric swatch imagery… but we are now offering clients the opportunities to access and use the endless possibilities that come with using CGI. With product cut-outs, i.e. showing a product in all of it’s available materials, becoming an expectation from the public whilst online shopping, we’ve delved into ways to make sure our clients stay ahead of the competition. As we work so closely with our clients we are able to understand their business needs and from here, offer advice on what can be achieved through the use of their digital assets.

‘Most of our clients first came to us wanting product cut-outs to show a model in every available fabric. As this is almost impossible to achieve through traditional photography, they turned to CGI. Only recently have clients started to make the most of these digital models by looking into the different avenues of what they can get out of CGI’

- Rob Walker, MD.

With a new outlook of being a one-stop-shop for our clients, we want them to make the most out of their digital assets that we’ve built for them. From AR/VR, to interactive sales presenters, to animation... and with our purpose built product customiser almost ready, we are offering our clients just everything they need to sell a product online! Make sure to stay tuned and keep up to date with our new services as we are adding more information and imagery to our website on a weekly basis. We can’t wait to reveal our product customiser once it’s live! With just a few finishing touches to go, make sure to keep an eye out on our blog, LinkedIn and social media to hear all about the customiser and its capabilities. We’ve delved into the details of this in our latest article in the August Issue of Furniture News! You can read all about it here. You’ll find us on pages 58-63, not only this but we are thrilled to reveal that we are on the cover once again.

We can’t wait to see how our clients’ online presence grows and develops through the use of these new tools. Make sure you don’t get left behind, contact our team of Unreal Creatives today!