3D Product Customisers are not only for retailers, there are an array of benefits that are stand alone for manufacturers. As technology progresses and online shopping popularity grows, retailers and those that sell direct to consumers, are having to constantly upgrade their marketing and e-commerce strategies to keep up with the ever changing digital age, and their competitors.  There has been constant debate on who should supply the assets to sell the products, the retailer, or the manufacturer? Many retailers can’t afford to go down the route of photography, or even CGI, especially if they sell a lot of ranges. Retailers often look to the manufacturers to supply imagery of some kind. In some cases they’ll even send across the bill for whatever it costs to shoot or render the products themselves, and often in this case the manufacturers don't get access to these images, or they don't fit their own branding.  3D product customisers have transitioned from solely B2C to also benefit B2B - they’re completely transforming sales cycles and how large purchases are bought and sold. Not only can online shoppers use these themselves, but with excellent touch points and user accessibility, sales reps can use these too - to show off a product and to configure a customised selection specific to the customer at hand. 


reduction in product development cycles


increase in sales


more likely to purchase a product if viewing it in 3D

The key to all successful marketing and e-commerce solutions is having good assets, and 3D models are climbing to the top of the list. Once a model is built there are endless capabilities, from rendering lifestyle imagery to showing the 3D model on your site. With online shopping more popular than ever, manufacturers can’t expect sales to solely come from in-store sales when a customer would see the physical product in person. From recent reports, online sales seem to be overtaking in-store sales, with John Lewis stating that 75% of all sales came from online in H1 2021, unfortunately, the product doesn’t sell itself anymore.  When comparing the necessary imagery from a few years ago to now, it’s clear that customers want to see and experience a lot more than a single product shot in one fabric. If you don’t offer every image in every combination as a visual on your website, you will lose sales. When shopping for clothes, if you could only see a visual of a shirt in one colour, but you wanted to see what the other options were, and couldn’t, you’d shop elsewhere wouldn’t you? It’s no different with furniture! With the ability to offer these assets to your own customers and clients, you are opening a variety of doors for them. If retailers are successfully selling your products, that means more sales and orders from you! 


higher conversion rates than those using still images


reduced return rates


surveyed prefer 3D to video playback options

Key Manufacturer Benefits

Both retailers and manufacturers can benefit from using 3D product customisers. However, manufacturers specifically can benefit heavily from using the plug-in for the following reasons:

  • Ability to supply exceptional assets to customers
  • Increase in retail sales = increase in orders
  • Shortened sales cycles
  • Increase in customer uptake as you have more to offer than competitors

Big Benefits, Small Costs

With the ability to offer your customers access to essential and incredible marketing assets, you are opening doors for both them and yourselves. Having better marketing imagery and assets will increase sales and drive web traffic. With the ability to increase engagement and earn better business-customer relationships, the list of pros continues:

  • Get ahead of competitors
  • Allow customers to feel more involved in the design process
  • Increase your profit margins (if wanting to charge more for personalised products)

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