Time 4 Sleep is an online bed retailer who specialise in bed frames, headboards, divans and mattresses.

The bed retailer also offers children’s beds and bedroom furniture, such as bedside tables, wardrobes and a plethora of other bedroom accessories, they sell direct to their customers, keeping costs low by cutting out the middleman. The brand is known for their wide array of different furniture options to suit any and all bedroom interiors – from tv beds to children’s designs, the online retailer has everything you could possibly need. Since working with Time 4 Sleep since 2019, we have built a wide array of the beds, headboards and divans that the brand offers.

See Every Model In Every Fabric

As lifestyle imagery has proven to be crucial in successful online sales, Time 4 Sleep came to us wanting to showcase their products in-situ, in multiple fabrics and at multiple angles. As many of their beds have mechanisms involved, such as their tv bed or ottoman base, it was important for us to be able to capture these aspects to give online customers a true reflection of the products they were ordering.

We created a few staple roomsets for the brand that they are able to constantly reuse and restyle to suit new products, fabrics or designs. Their classic, light and airy roomsets create a sense of realism to give online customers confidence that the product they’re ordering will look the same as the imagery online. With minimalistic roomsets, the brand can easily reuse these without products clashing with props or other design elements within the roomsets – whilst ensuring the beds are the focal point of the shots.

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Rendered images

Not only can we create endless lifestyle and product shots, we can also animate the mechanisms in the bed bases to showcase how the product works in real life. From beds opening and closing to televisions appearing and being hidden away again, we can animate all features of a model – not only for additional website imagery, but for added marketing collateral to share across social media channels. As Time 4 Sleep have made the most of CGI from the very start, keep an eye out on their website and social media to see how they are using CGI to bring an upgraded shopping experience to their online customers.


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