Co-owned by Warwick Fabrics Australia, Warwick Fabrics UK have been supplying quality fabrics to the trade for over 30 years.

With a plethora of fabrics suitable for upholstery and drapery it’s no wonder they are a steadfast choice for furniture manufactures all over the globe and in 1993 were awarded the coveted Queens Award for Export Achievement, the highest official UK awards for British businesses who excel at international trade, innovation, sustainable development or promoting opportunity.

With a portfolio as expansive as theirs it’s undeniable why a key cog in the ever-expanding machine now depends on the use of CGI. Our incredible team have paved the way in 3D fabric creation and visualisation, giving Warwick the ability to showcase any fabric in any room, at any time.

So real you can almost touch it

We are known for our incredibly realistic CGI materials and fabric builds, you won’t believe they’re not real. 3D fabrics are the secret to creating photorealistic imagery and our team have spent years perfecting their skills in the field. From rendering tiny fibres to large scale printed velvets, our team have created any and all fabric designs, textures and patterns for Warwick Fabrics.

Along the way, we noticed that most retailers and manufacturers rely on a simple flat shot to sell their fabrics. In a time where samples and in-person sales meetings are limited, flat shots don’t have the capability to convey the true texture of a sample, or how the fabric will react to light. Our signature trademark, The Wave, shows the true details of a fabric, Warwick use this throughout every project to bring an extra level of realism and detail for their customers when browsing their collections.

From Crushed Velvets to Prints to Patterned Jacquard Damask Weaves – we’ve built almost all of Warwick’s fabric ranges, bringing new imagery to the website on a monthly basis. We work very closely with Warwick, producing a flat shot, wave shot and numerous shots in all fabrics for each of their collections – bringing their customers an endless array of stunning imagery.

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“Digital verses traditional photography was a question that was hard to understand for me, but now a convert, the possibilities are endless with CGI, limited only by your imagination.  Orbital have been building fabrics in CGI for us for a few years now – and the techniques they have developed are incredible.  The results are just amazing.We have set challenge after challenge for the team at orbital – and they just excell.  The imagery we get now allows us to show every fabric in so many different ways, rather than a hero photo and flat shots. We get to see so much more, and that just promotes sales.  We also have digital presenters now too, to showcase our products.”

Steve Downend, Designer and key member of Warwick’s management team.





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