Scion is a proud British brand which produces beautiful fabrics and wallpapers that are handcrafted and inspired by traditional Scandi designs.

The brand is known for their ‘Mr Fox’ design which can be found in many of the UK’s homes and sold by many well known retailers, such as John Lewis. We’ve worked with Scion since 2019 and during this time have built some of their most known wallpapers and fabrics, along with some fantastic roomsets.

Scion first came to us wanting to showcase all of their designs without spending an arm and a leg on photoshoots. They came to the right place! We could recreate their photoshoots verbatim so that their online imagery was consistent and true to the brand’s image. Scion still uses a mix of traditional photography and CGI – they shoot a selection of their new launches and then we build the remainder of the collection in 3D, matching textures and colours to the physical samples perfectly.

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Rendered images

One Shot - Endless Combinations

Below you can see where we’ve recreated a previous Scion photoshoot as a 3D room build. This has allowed the brand to render an endless amount of different wallpaper designs onto the same shot – keeping branding and imagery consistent. Our team focuses on every detail, no matter how small, to make sure that 3D roomsets are photorealistic, almost so realistic that you can’t tell the difference between our render and the original photograph.

The Scandi brand uses multiple designs within one shot, bringing a mix of textures, colours and patterns together. Not only is this a signature look for Scion, but they can keep up with new trends by using combinations within their imagery. Scion makes the most out of CGI by having all aspects of an image rendered out separately as PNGs, meaning you can go back and put new combinations together within an instant. This has been a project staple for each of the collections we have worked on and has worked so effectively. The brand are not only able to keep up with trends, but they can test out different combinations that you wouldn’t be able to do when shooting a collection live.


Fabric builds


Wallpaper builds


Happy Mr Fox

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