Elstead Lighting is a British lighting company who specialise in the manufacture and worldwide distribution of decorative lighting.

Elstead sells both indoor and outdoor lights, supplying every lighting fixture you could possibly need. Their stock reaches far and wide, providing lighting to homes, hotel suites, coffee bars and restaurants in over 60 countries. The lighting retailer came to us wanting to populate their 2022 lighting catalogue, Quintessentiale, with new and fresh imagery of excellent quality to reflect the true craftsmanship that goes into their products.


The lighting retailer wanted some photorealistic product lifestyle imagery to fill their new product catalogue. Elstead found that their best selling products all had lifestyle imagery. This isn’t surprising, lifestyle imagery gives your customers an excellent idea of the scale and finish of a product, which can be the deciding factor when securing a sale.


Scenes Created


Light Builds


To Complete

The Elstead team originally suggested that we use 2D images and photoshop these onto 3D roomsets. This is something that we always stay away from. It’s hard to ensure things look realistic when you are photoshopping 2D images onto 3D environments, especially with transparent and reflective materials. You have to match the lighting and camera angles to the most accuracy to ensure it doesn’t look fake, and even then things can look like a photo collage – which is why we build everything in 3D.


With the ability to create every lighting fixture and lampshade in every variation, our imagery allowed Elstead to not only populate their catalogue, but to give their customers an excellent idea of what the products look like in different materials. As 3D has more freedom in what you can control within an environment compared to traditional photography, we were able to showcase details of the products that the Elstead team have struggled to do in the past with photography. CGI allows you to create the perfect shot, and although everything in our 3D environments react how they would in real life, we are able to accentuate the finer details of products and materials to showcase them at their best!

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